Dr. Zhu Xinkai
Vice President of RUC

Prof. Zhu Xinkai, male, born in Jiangsu Province in December, 1974, Doctor of Agricultural Economics and Management, Professor.

Appointed “Changjiang Professor” in 2014 by the Ministry of Education, Zhu Xinkai also serves as Secretary General of the Steering Committee for Agricultural Economic Management Teaching of the Ministry of Education, Vice Chairman of the Youth Federation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Deputy Director of National Leisure Agriculture Expert Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Member of the Soft Science Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Expert Committee of China Import and Export Food Safety, Vice President of China Agricultural Economics Association and Director of its Youth Committee, and President of the Beijing Agricultural Economics Association.

Prof. Zhu has been teaching at Renmin University of China since July 2003. He has served as Chairman of the Council of the School of Agricultural Economics & Rural Development, Director of the Department of Agricultural Economics, Assistant Dean and Vice Dean of the School of Agricultural Economics & Rural Development, Deputy Director of the Suzhou Campus Management Committee, Dean of the International College and Sino-French Institute, Chairman of the Council of Suzhou Campus, Director of the Office of Development and Planning, Deputy Director of the “Double First-Class” Construction Team, Deputy Chief-Director of the Construction of the New Campus, and Executive Dean of Silk Road School. In October 2018, he was appointed as a member of the Standing Committee of Council of Renmin University of China and Vice President of RUC.

Prof. Zhu Xinkai mainly engages in studies on food economic theory and policy, rural household consumption function and rural market, technical measures on trade and international trade of agricultural products. He has lectured on Agricultural Economics, Technical Economics of Agriculture, Consumption of Rural Household and Rural Markets and other courses, and published more than 100 academic papers in academic journals such as the Economic Research and Management World. He gave a special one-time lecture on “National Food Security Strategy” for the Standing Committee of the 11th National People’s Congress. He was selected to join the “100 Talents Project” for theoretical talents in the area of social sciences in the Beijing Municipality and New Century Talent Support Program of the Ministry of Education.

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