University Leadership / Wang Liming
Prof. WANG Liming
Vice Chairman of the University Council

Prof. WANG Liming, male, born in Xiantao, Hubei Province in February 1960.

He graduated from Hubei University of Finance and Economics in 1981 and obtained the Master’s degree of law in 1984 and the doctor’s degree of law in 1990 from Renmin University of China. Since 1984 he has been working in Renmin University. He became associate professor in 1988 and professor in 1992. He was appointed as Deputy Dean of the Law School and served as Dean of the School of Law from May 2005 to May 2009. Now he is RUC Executive Vice President and Vice Chairman of the University Council. He is deputy to the ninth, tenth and eleventh National People’s Congress, member of the NPC Committee for Finance and Economics, member of the NPC Committee for Law, distinguished professor of the Yangtze Scholar, national candidate for the Millions of Talents Project in the New Century and grantee of the State Council special allowance. He also holds the position of member and convener of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council for Jurisprudence Counseling, Deputy Director of National Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education for Jurisprudential Education in Universities and Colleges, Chairman of the Civil Law Division, Vice Chairman of the Jurisprudential Education Division and Vice Chairman of the Judicial Theories Division in China Law Society, and Deputy Director of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission.

Within his research scope are jurisprudential methodology, general regulation of civil law, commercial law theories, property law, debt and contract law, and tort law. He has undertaken many strategic and forward-looking research projects of overall importance in the field of legal studies and democratic government by law, such as National Social Science Foundation Key Project “Property Legislation Study”, a National Social Science Foundation Key Project; Humanities and Social Science Projects of the Ministry of Education “Studies on Chinese Civil Code and Some Major Problems” “Studies on Legislative Problems of Chinese Tort Law”, and Major Base Project of the Ministry of Education “Draft Proposals for the Civil Code and Statement on Reasons for Legislation”. He has also published about 200 papers in core periodicals, including more than 20 influential articles of high quality in such important academic publications as Social Sciences in China, China Legal Science, Chinese Journal of Law, Xinhua Digest and People’s Daily, and over 20 books like General Principles of the Civil Law and On Property Law, etc. playing a leading role in the related fields with extensive in-depth studies. Moreover, he has won dozens of national and provincial awards, including National Classic Course Award, National Best Teaching Award, National Humanities and Social Science Best Jurisprudential Research Award, National University Best Jurisprudential Textbook Award, Chinese National Book Awards, Wu Yuzhang Humanities and Social Science Best Research Award, Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Excellent Achievement Award and so on. As Deputy to the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh National People’s Congress, member of NPC Committee for Finance and Economics and member of NPC Committee for Law, he has played a part in the drafting and revision of major civil and commercial laws since the opening and reform. As a prominent member in the drafting group of Property Law, he has put forward a series of significant thoughts and ideas in recent years to exert a great influence. For his tremendous contributions to jurisprudential education and democratic government by law, he was recognized as “China Top 10 Educational Elites” in 2006 and “CCTV Person of the Year in the Rule of Law” in 2007.

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