Why Residential Education at RUC?

Residential education is still a developing concept of universities in China. At RUC, the leading Residential Education Program is dedicated to supporting and inspiring RUC students’ personal growth and development through activities and services in the residential community. This program extends educational experience into the residences and complements the academic teaching and learning. These educational efforts are directed at developing self-respect and self-direction of students.

How we offer Residential Education?

All RUC full-time students live on campus within 19 residential halls in 3 separate areas. Seeking to provide a warm and relaxing community environment and opportunities for student self-administration, we are committed to offer supportive facilities and caring services in the residences.

A variety of function rooms are spread through undergraduate student residential halls for the students to use.

– 9 residential advisor office rooms

– 5 activity and individual study rooms

– 2 peer counseling rooms

Moreover, supervised by the Residential Education Center, a group of staff members and students is well organized to take responsibility of academic advising, facilities maintenance, initiating program, crisis response and judicial affairs in residential community. They work part-time and are paid by the University.

– 70 postgraduate students serve as Residential Advisors for undergraduate student residential halls

– 10 RUC administrative staff serve as Live-in Residential Advisors for postgraduate student residential halls

– 300 volunteers participate in the Student Residential Committee

What we do?

Within the residential halls, residential advisors and the Student Residential Committee initiate a variety of activities that help students get to know each other, feel at home, establish a healthy life style, improve interpersonal relationship and leadership skills.

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