University Leadership / ZHANG Donggang
Prof. ZHANG Donggang
Chairperson of the University Council

ZHANG Donggang, born in June 1965 in Nangong, Hebei Province, is member of the Communist Party of China. Majoring in Chinese economic history, Prof. ZHANG got his Ph.D from the Institute of Economics, Nankai University. Before he took office at Renmin, Prof. ZHANG successively served as Director of the Department of Social Sciences, Director of the Department of Moral Education, and Director of the Department of Personnel of the Chinese Ministry of Education.

His main research areas are modern Chinese economic history and comparative studies of Chinese and foreign economic development. He has presided over multiple projects of the National Social Science Fund and the Chinese Ministry of Education. Besides, Professor ZHANG has published dozens of academic articles and books, such as Trends in Aggregate Demand Changes and Economic Development of Modern China, Changes in Consumer Demand and Economic Growth of Modern China and Japan, A Comparative Study on Aggregate Demand in Economic Development of China and Japan: 1886-1936, etc.

His research excellence has won him many awards, including the 4th Award for Young Teachers in Universities and Colleges, the 8th Fok Ying-tung Education Foundation Award for Young Teachers in Universities and Colleges, Baosteel Education Foundation Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award, Top Honor of the 4th National Book Award, the 7th, 8th and 9th Award for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences of Tianjin City. In 2021, he was granted the honorable title of “Outstanding Communist Party Member of the Central and National Government Departments”.

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