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University Leadership / Hong Dayong
Dr. Hong Dayong
Vice President of RUC

Dr. Hong Dayong, male, born in September 1967 in Anhui Province.

His various positions include: Chief Expert, Sociology Section, the Marxism Research and Development Project; Laureate, Ten-Thousand-Talent Project in Philosophy and Social Sciences, the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee; Secretary-General, Steering Committee of Social Sciences Teaching in Higher Education Institutions, Ministry of Education; Deputy Secretary-General, Chinese Sociological Association and Director, CSA’s Committee of Environmental Sociology; Standing Member, Beijing Federation of Social Science Circles and Vice President, Beijing Sociological Association, as well as Member of Advisory Committee, Ministry of Civil Affairs.

From 1985 to 1993, he pursued his study at Renmin University of China and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in History (1989), a Master’s degree in Sociology (1993), and a Doctor’s degree in Sociology (1999). During this period, he worked at a woolen mill in Beijing for a year.

Dr. Hong has been working at RUC since 1993 and served successively as Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, Associate Professor and Professor at the Department of Sociology, during which he served as its Deputy Director from 2000 to 2003. He was promoted to the Associate Dean of the School of Sociology and Population Studies in 2003. Later, he took the positions as the Associate Dean of the Graduate School from 2006 to 2007, and then the Director of Academic Affairs Office in 2007. During this period, he participated in training programs at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1996 and at the University of Michigan in 2000, and also stayed at the University of Michigan as a visiting scholar from February to August, 2006. In June 2014 he assumed the position of Vice President of RUC.

His research mainly focuses on social development and policy and has been teaching courses such as Introduction to Sociology, Applied Sociology and Environmental Sociology. He was responsible for more than 30 major research projects, such as: A Sociological Study of Eco-civilization (08ASH001), a key project of the National Social Science Foundation of China; A Comparative Study of the Environmental Awareness of Rural Citizens in China and other countries (13JJD840006), as well as A Sociological Study on Establishing an Eco-friendly and Resource-conserving Society (07JJD840197), both major projects of the MOE National Key Research Bases for Humanities and Social Sciences. He authored or co-authored a number of books, such as: Social Change and Environment Issues (2001), Social Relief in China’s Social Transformation (2004), Growing Nongovernmental Environmental Protection in China (2007), Social Foundation for Eco-Friendliness (2012), as well as Ecological Modernization and Transformation of Civilization (2014). Dr. Hong has over 60 papers published in influential domestic and international academic journals, including Social Sciences in China and Sociological Studies. Dr. Hong organized a number of academic conferences including the first Symposium on Environmental Sociology of China in 2006 and the first International Seminar on Environmental Sociology of China in 2007. He also initiated the Environmental Sociology Youth Salon and the Chinese Environmental Sociology website in 2013.

Dr. Hong won the National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award in 2001 and was selected as one of the Hundred Talents in Social Sciences in the 21st Century by the Beijing Municipal Government. In 2005, he was included to the Outstanding Talents Supporting Plan for the New Century by the Ministry of Education. In 2007, as an expert with great contribution, he became a recipient of the special allowances awarded by the State Council. In 2013, Dr. Hong was selected as one of the Outstanding Teaching Staff in Beijing. As a chief contributor, Dr. Hong won many outstanding teaching awards both at the municipal and the national level.

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