RUC’s educational financing options consist of grants, loans, scholarships, awards, prizes, work-study and Personal Development Program. The type of funding a student receives is determined by a variety of factors that may include financial aid eligibility, income level and grade point average. Government, RUC’s, and institutional sources offer funding to student who either demonstrates sufficient financial need or achievement in university life. We deliver caring, equitable and consistent services and hope that the financing options provided will be useful in planning and managing students’ educational expenses.


Based on financial need, student loans in RUC are free of interest while the student is enrolled in the University. Loans are offered according an assessment of the student’s financial need. The amount of money varies from loan to loan.

National Student Loan: The National Student Loan covers the tuition and accommodation fees of student’s university life. Repayment of the loan begins after graduation. It is given to about 200 RUC students each year.

University Student Loan: The University Student Loan is offered by the University which certain percentages of the repayment are not demanded after graduation according to the economic circumstance and academic performance of each student. It is given to more than 100 RUC students each year.

Xin-Ping Loan Program: Donated by RUC alumni Duan Yongping and Liu Xin, the Xin-Ping Loan Program offers loans to RUC students for tuition and basic living expenses as well as exchange or continuing education programs overseas. Repayment can be done anytime during university life or up to10 years after graduation.


All grants at RUC are need-based awards that do not need to be earned or repaid as long as the student remains eligible. Students must be enrolled full-time and meet all criteria for the specific award.

National Grant: The National Grant is for undergraduates with exceptional financial need that is not adequately being met by loans. About 1,000 RUC students are awarded this grant every year.

University Grant: The University Grant is awarded to students who need some level of financial support. It may help students cover living expenses or provide emergency assistance to students experiencing temporary or short-term financial problems. This grant is offered to more than 2,000 RUC students every year.

Institutional Grants: Some corporations and institutions, such as China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Zeng Xianzi Educational Foundation donate funds as grants for RUC. Students are able to apply for them at specific time throughout the academic year.


The Work-Study Program is a RUC funded program that enables students to earn money for college expenses through part-time employment. Based on financial need, the program provides an opportunity for students to provide essential services to the University which can be personally rewarding at the same time. Every year, we offer more than 500 Work-Study jobs on campus such as in academic departments, administrative offices, libraries, etc.

Freshman Green Channel Program

In case family economic circumstances prevent students from being able to enroll at RUC, the Freshman Green Channel Program is designed to offer special services and financial assistance on Registration Day for students who demonstrate financial need. Necessities such as school supplies, mobile phones, bicycles, beddings and personal care products are provided to them for free. Students may also conveniently apply for tuition and accommodation deferments/waivers and student loans through this program.


Scholarships in RUC are awarded on the basis of achievement. However some also take into account financial need. Scholarship criteria may include specific major, participation in extracurricular activities, volunteer service, leadership or other performance and experiences in university life as well. Scholarships are donated by the government, the University, and a variety of organizations and private sources. The majority of RUC’s scholarships must be applied for on an annual basis. 




National Scholarship

National Subsidized Scholarship


President Wu Yuzhang Honors Scholarship

Literature, Philosophy and History Scholarship

Chinese Classics Scholarship

Academic Achievement Scholarship

Scientific Research and Innovation Scholarship

Outstanding Class Leader Scholarship

Outstanding Student Leader Scholarship

Social Work and Volunteer Service Scholarship

Extracurricular Activity Scholarship

Volunteer Caring Scholarship


Baogang Educational Foundation Honors Scholarship

Samsung Scholarship

Banco Santander Scholarship

Vogue Scholarship

Hainan Airlines Company Scholarship

Huawei Scholarship

China National Petroleum Company Scholarship

Hong Kong Xin-Shan Charity Foundation Scholarship

Kwang-Hua Educational Foundation Scholarship

Jiang Zhen Scholarship

Fei Xiaotong Scholarship

Dongfang Yi Scholarship

Agricultural Development Bank of China Subsidized Scholarship

Ping An Insurance Company of China Subsidized Scholarship


Banco Santander Scholarship


I. Introduction

In April, 2010, Renmin University of China signed a three-year collaboration agreement with Banco Santander. According to the agreement, Banco Santander will devote $170,000 each year to collaborate with RUC in the Santander Student Scholarship Exchange Program for Students, the Santander Exchange Program for Young Faculty and Researchers, the Spanish Training Project for Undergraduates at RUC, and other academic projects. To be more specific, in terms of the Santander Scholarship Exchange Program for Students, Banco Santander should provide $125,000 each year to support 25 excellent undergraduates or graduates in international exchanges. In terms of the Santander Exchange Program for Young Teachers and Researchers, Banco Santander should provide $20,000 every year to sponsor 2 young scholars to participate in cooperative programs among Banco Santander and Harvard University, Brown University, University of California, Los Angeles, Babson College, and other colleges and universities. Besides, Banco Santander also will input $25,000 each year to set up Spanish training courses at RUC.

So far, 47 students have carried out exchange study at over 40 oversea colleges or universities with Santander Scholarships. Sponsored by Banco Santander, 6 faculty members or researchers attended international academic conferences. The accumulative total number of Spanish training courses at RUC is 42 with nearly 700 students enrolled. Furthermore, RUC has successfully held twice the “Santander Day” activities.

In July 2013, RUC and Banco Santander renewed the agreement for another three years. The two sides will have more and further cooperation and exchanges in the new period.


II. How to Apply

A. The Santander Scholarship Exchange Program for Students

In June and December each year, a Santander Scholarship Application notice will be put on the website of Student Affairs Office ( for students to apply for.


B. The Santander Exchange Program for Young Teachers and Researchers

The International Office will irregularly post information of exchange project application on RUC’s home page.


C. The Spanish Training Project for Undergraduates at RUC

The Spanish training courses, as elective courses, are accessible to all undergraduate students at RUC. See the Student Course Selection System for more information.


III. Chronicle of Events

19. In May 2013, Zhang Xiaojing, director of the International Office, and Wang Zhiyao, graduate student in Public Management School at RUC, went to University of California, Los Angeles, and respectively participated in the W30 and W50 short-term training program held jointly by Banco Santander and UCLA.

20. On July 1, 2013, RUC and Banco Santander signed the second three-year cooperation agreement.

21. On July 10, 2013, President Chen Yulu met with Dr. Carlos Alexandre Netto, President of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, and Ms. Ana Wang, Asia-Pacific Director of the Santander Universities.


IV. What did RUC participants say about the program


—— Wu Di, undergraduate student in School of International Studies, RUC, and exchange student at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in 2010.


—— Lei Yingdi, undergraduate student in School of Economics, RUC, and exchange student at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in 2012.


I want to thank Banco Santander and RUC for giving me the opportunity to attend the Entrepreneurial Training Program in Babson College. I made friends with people with different English accents. I still remember our laughter on the beach of Massachusetts and the endless fiesta. This experience has changed the track of my life by connecting me with entrepreneurship. Back in China, no matter in study, internship, or social activities, I can see the influence of my experience in Babson College.

—— Liu Yukun, undergraduate student in School of Finance, RUC, and exchange student in Babson College, USA, for the Entrepreneurial Training Program in 2012.


Whenever it comes to Santander, it means to me a big scholarship, kindness, and help. However, like the Butterfly Effect, its influence extends beyond last summer. Now, I am doing what I never thought of and standing in a place I had never been, and living a busy and happy life that I never imagined.

—— Ma Dantong, undergraduate student in School of Journalism and Communication, RUC, and exchange student in Summer Session at Yale University in 2012.


In the semester abroad, I experienced the kind of study and life I never knew, which broadened my horizon, enhanced my abilities to live, to communicate, and to solve problems, and made me more mature. During the process, I set up a clearer objective for the future. Now I want to thank our university for this exchange opportunity, and express my gratitude to all those who have helped and supported me.

—— Wang Mengzhen, undergraduate student in School of Economics, RUC, and exchange student at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in 2012.


If being asked about how the five months changed me, I can only say there is no much difference. The only difference is that I have grown older, become braver, and understood that the world is at the same time just like what I imagined and beyond my imagination. I am happy that I have the opportunity to go abroad, explore a broader world, and become independent.

—— Chen Mengli, undergraduate student in School of Labour and Human Resources, RUC, and exchange student at Universitat de Barcelona in 2012.


From a stranger who arrived with fear to a passer-by who somehow knows a little bit about London, the most important lesson I have learnt is that, wherever you are and whatever you are going to do, the first thing is to develop inner strength. Maybe you feel upset for a moment or two, but after all the things you will become strong.

—— Liu Meitong, undergraduate student in School of Liberal Arts, RUC, and exchange student at Kings College London in 2012.


Four months in Lisbon gave me new experiences and an opportunity to be cut off from the familiar environment to reflect upon myself. I express my gratitude to Banco Santander for its help and support. Its sponsorship makes the exchange experience seem holy to me. I will live my life seriously and be worthy of the trust given to me.

—— Chen Yi, undergraduate student in School of Business, RUC, and exchange student at Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 2012.




Awards are important opportunities to recognize outstanding students, classes and student organizations for achievements in academics, extracurricular activities and volunteer services. As these awards are used to show the University’s appreciation and to encourage others, recipients do not receive monetary remuneration.

l  Outstanding Student Award

l  Outstanding Graduate Award

l  Outstanding Part-time Student Advisor Award

l  Outstanding Class Award

l  Outstanding Student Organization Award

RUC Presidential Prize

The RUC Presidential Prize is awarded to student who has made demonstrated contributions to the reputation and development of the University and society. It is open to all RUC students including individuals, groups and student organizations. Past RUC Presidential Prize recipients include: student Liu Nian who broke the world record in an international sports competition, group that has won gold medal in National Essay Contest, student Liu Wenjie who devoted himself to volunteer service and served as the Ambassador to UNCF, etc.

Personal Development Program

In addition to financial aid options, the Personal Development Program provides opportunities for students, especially those who receive financial support, to broaden the scope of their educational experience and to serve others in a more meaningful and mutually beneficial way.

“RUC-High School Liaison”: Student volunteers serve as Ambassadors for RUC outreach programs in high schools. Taking advantage of their stay in the hometowns during the summer and winter vocations, these students help RUC professional staff with the university recruitment. Moreover, the Ambassadors initiate workshops, lectures and person-to-person visits for high school graduates who have been admitted to RUC. Due to their introductions to RUC, freshmen and their parents acquire a better understanding of the University. In this way, RUC Ambassadors not only improve their own communication and cooperation skills, but also become the bridge that connects RUC with incoming students and parents. Their travel expenses are covered by the University.

– “Exploring the World”: Based on need, free home and abroad study tours are offered to students to broaden their horizons. Within the study tours to places such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United State, we provide opportunities of cultural visits, research, lectures, workshops and experience sharings to students so that they can develop greater intercultural understanding and diversity across different regions.

“On & Off Campus Services”: In order to cultivate students’ sense of gratitude and responsibility, we encourage RUC students, especially those who are financially supported, to serve as volunteers and engage in “On & Off Campus Services” to help others in return. The volunteer services vary from teaching in primary schools in rural areas to serving the elderly in nursing homes. Moreover, volunteers majoring in computer science and mathematics are encouraged to help RUC students with computer maintenance and mathematics learning. We provide payments to these students for their work as another type of financial assistance.

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