Founded in 1987, the Psychological Counseling Center at RUC is one of the earliest college counseling centers across China. We are dedicated to promoting psychological well-being among students and all members of the campus community.

Education Program

Courses: We offer “Introduction of Mental Health” as compulsory course for freshmen to know more about mental health and wellness. Moreover, optional courses such as “Emotions & Relationships”, “Career Planning & Job-Seeking Strategies”, “Travel & Self-Discovery” are open to students who have interest in them.

Activities: Through newspapers, brochures, lectures and recreational activities, we make available a wide range of educational experiences for students to achieve.


l  Individual counseling

l  Group counseling and workshops

l  Career counseling

l  Peer counseling

l  Relaxation training

l  Freshman psychological assessment

l  Crisis intervention


Psychological Service



Tel: 010-62511397


Service Center Exclusively for RUCers


Have you ever enjoyed service from the RUC psychological health center? Are you curious about psychological consultation? Have you ever experienced its training? Do you know the miraculous effect of sand table game? Have you ever done professional psychological test?


Take a look at this guidebook to know more about the Center. Sometimes a simple choice will change your entire life.


Welcome to the Psychological Health Center


Here, heavily loaded hearts can find a release;

Long lost spirit can be regained;

You have been seeking love, acceptance, and friendship in an unsuitable and painful way before,

Come here to learn how to have your heart nourished

Now you will savor the joy of true relaxation……


Here is the Psychological Health Center;

When you need professional guidance and support,

We’re here, waiting for you!


RUC Psychological Health Center is a section of the Office of Student Affairs. Since its foundation in 1987, many kinds of services, including mental health education and consultation, have been available for RUC students and faculty. The center aims at providing mental health service for RUC students and faculty and help them better cope with their problems.

There are a4 full-time consultant experts and 16 part-time consultants in the center. Services are free of charge are open only to RUCers.


Find the service you need



Classroom Teaching: Since 2007, the center has been offering general mental health lessons to freshmen and selective mental lesson to all undergraduate students.

Special Lecture: The center aids RUC schools, departments, organizations, and associations carry out various kinds of special lectures and activities with the purpose of disseminating mental health knowledge and improving mental health.


Psychological Consultation

Individual Psychological ConsultationThe center mainly provides developmental mental consultation and guidance concerning environmental adaptation, study, emotions, personal relationships, love, marriage and sexual mentality, individual development, family relationship, children education, roommate relationship, career planning, physical illness, stress management and so on.


Peer Counseling: Consultants working at the Peer Counseling Center are all RUC students trained under the Peer Counseling program. All counseling takes place at the dorm building. For detailed information, please browse the website of our center.


Group Guidance

Group Guidance is carried out according to the students’ need: Group activities are carried out on such themes as roommate relationship, life education, inter-personal relationship and so on. Some group activities are carried out with freshmen and graduates as main participants.

Crisis Intervention

A series of consultation and relevant services are provided for the students who need urgent psychological assistance under the shock of being robbed, accidental bereavement, accidents, suicidal inclination, sight of death, and so on.


Psychological Test

Professional Online Psychological Self-test Platform: Table of professional psychological test measurement are available, such as Holland’s Vocational Interest Inventory, EQ tests, personality scale inventory, anxiety scale inventory, depression scale inventory, Interpersonal Trust Scale (ITS), mental health scale inventory (SCL-90),  and so on. Online mental self-test can be taken by the following steps: log in the center website; press the guiding line “Psychological test”, type in the Student ID and password of “Digital RUC”. Please make reservation for the consultant in our center if you need professional interpretation of the result of your self-test.


Tool-aided Psychological Cure

Training of relaxation by music:  You will fully relax yourself and enjoy the delight of inner peace by lying on the music sling chair, listening to the peaceful and melodious music and enjoying the light-wave technology keeping time to the rhythm of music.


Relaxation by Music


Consultation through Sand Game: In the world simply made by sand, water and sand tools (objects), visitors can expand their self-awareness and discover and return to the path of their heart, through presenting the unconscious. In this process, they can know more about themselves. The sand table game can serve as an experience of self-growth as well as a one-to-one mental consultation. For detailed information, please browse the center’s website


Scientific Research

The center has held relevant activities of scientific research concerning mental health education in RUC to provide the university administration with decision-making references.

Others: The center has given guidance to the university psychological association, carried out relevant activities of mental health education, made mental health education brochures and so on.

For brief introduction to full-time and part-time consultants, please browse the center’s website.


Coffee Saloon



Corridor of Center




Reservation and consultation are available from Monday to Friday. For detailed information and opening hours, please browse the center’s website.

Generally, reservation should be made before consultation. Please inform us in advance  if you can’t arrive on schedule.


Place: First Floor of North Building of School of Environment and Natural Resources

Telephone: 62511397



After consultation in the center, will my information leak out?

Without the consent of the visitor, all his or her information will be treated strictly in confidence. If the visitor intends to commit suicide or injure others, our consultant has the right and obligation to break the confidential terms.


Are mental problems equivalent to psychosis?

Possibly, every one of us will be confronted with some problems or troubles. When you ask for mental consultation, it means that you have high expectation towards life and hope to perfect yourself through mental consultation, instead of escaping or denying these problems.

In fact, most of the mental patients know little about their own illness, let alone asking for cure on his or her own initiative.


 I’m very healthy, so mental consultation has nothing to do with me.

In fact, mental trouble exists everywhere and mental healthy has a lot to do with every one’s life. Therefore, the only way to solve it is to face it directly instead of ignoring and feel depressed about it. Mental consultation, as a life-long subject, can facilitates individual’s self-growth and development.


Problems, if any, should be tackled by us alone. So isn’t it a weak man’s behavior to ask for help?

It’s common that every one of us will face some problems, which can’t be coped with by ourselves alone. Therefore, it’s not only common but also a strong man’s behavior to ask for help when he or she needs it.


Will mental consultation produce an immediate effect?

Mental consultation is a continuous and difficult changing process. Moreover, mental problems have something to do with consultation-seeker’s own personality and life experience. No effect can be achieved without a strong motivation to seek help and make a change or persevering determination.


Can mental consultants guarantee to cure all diseases?

Mental consultation should be based on visitor’s personal wish to change the present situation. Because it’s impossible for a person, who thinks there’s nothing wrong with his or her life, to accept any change.


Telephone: 010-62511397

Address: First Floor of the North Building of the School of Environment and Natural Resources



Peer Counseling Center

The Peer Counseling Center is a leading “students-helping-students” college mental health service program initiative in China. We provide free confidential counseling as well as campus information and referral services to all RUC students. The Peer Counseling Center adopted its training and operating model from the Bridge Peer Counseling Center at Stanford University and becomes a student-run and counseling-services supervised program. We strive to assist students in developing effective coping strategies in academics, interpersonal relationships and campus life.

Each semester, we recruit 25-30 students, who are willing to volunteer their time and offer help into the program. Before serving with the Peer Counseling Center, counselors need to take a one-semester course (108 hours in total) to learn the peer counseling ethical principles, basic counseling skills and crisis intervention strategies. Until passing exams and evaluations could they be on staff for the program.

The Peer Counseling Center provides walk-in and phone counseling services from 7pm to 11pm every night, as an extension of the normal Counseling Services’ office hours. Housed within residence halls, Peer Counseling Center reaches out and provides timely support for students in need. Decorated with pleasant colors and furnished with soft sofas, we create a comfortable, relaxing and supportive environment for each student.


Visit us in

Room 113, Pinyuan Bldg. #6 for girls

Room 105, Pinyuan Bldg. #3 for boys

Or if you prefer to talk over the phone, please call:

6251-6257  8250-0755


Office hours:

Mon-Sun 7pm-11pm


Sample list of outreach & training programs we have:

·“Love life, love yourself” suicide prevention workshop

·“Express your love through postcards” free postcard sending event

·Free hugs

·“Science teaches you everything about love” intimate relationship workshop

·“Embrace the unknown future with a smile” de-stress event for graduates

·“Follow your heart” peer counseling house open day

·“Cross over 1314 with you” wish balloons freeing event

·“Let your care to be more helpful” psychological crisis recognition & intervention workshop

·“Love yourself, love others” training program for class mental health representatives


For more information,

please visit our official website at or search for “RUC朋辈小屋” on Renren & Sina Weibo.

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