Why do we need “class” in China?

“Class” is a unique concept of student affairs administration in Chinese universities. With such a large student body, students in China are usually grouped into smaller units known as “class” to provide a closer-connected environment within which students better bond with others.

Students in the same class attend courses and participate in many activities together. Class provides a good environment for university students to learn from each other, help each other and enhance the spirit of teamwork. The friendship among classmates sometimes lasts for their whole life and becomes an important part of their social network. Currently, there are nearly 600 classes in RUC. A typical class consists of the following components.

— 25-30 students: Generally they major in the same program and belong to the same school.

— 1 Head Teacher: Head Teachers are RUC faculty or administrative staff members. They provide instruction and guidance for students in their academic study, career planning and university life.

–1 Class Advisor: Class Advisors are selected from RUC postgraduates and work part-time. They help the Head Teacher with class affairs.

— 4-5 Student Leaders: Student Leaders, usually include 1 chairman, 1 student in charge of studies, 1 student in charge of recreational activities, 1 student in charge of residential life. Each chosen by the students of each class, Student Leaders take responsibilities for organizing class events and collaborating with other students.

Student Leader and Leadership Development Programs

The Student Leader and Leadership Development Programs are recent initiative aimed at helping Student Leaders better navigate the class and manage activities.

Freshman Leadership Training Camp

  • Lecture: “Leader and Leadership”
  • Experience Sharing: “You Are Not Alone”
  • Workshop: Development of Communication Skills
  • Beijing Study Tour

“Mingde” Student Leadership Development Program

Cooperated with the Professional & Educational Services International, we designed the “Mingde” Student Leadership Development to advance students’intercultural communication and global leadership. During each year’s summer vocation, we invite 40 Chinese American students from UC Berkeley and RUC Student Leaders to experience Chinese culture of society. This 2-year creative and supportive program consists of the following activities.

u  First Year Part 1 in Beijing:

  • Lectures on topics of politics, society development and international relationships
  • Group discussions and presentations on topic of intercultural communication
  • Study tour to places of Beijing historic interest

u  First Year Part 2 in underdeveloped area of West China

  • Volunteer teaching service for high schools
  • Experience sharing and recreations with local students

u  Second Year in Hong Kong

  • Dialogues with government officials, judges and entrepreneurs

Visits to universities, enterprises, government and the High Court

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