RUC’s Contribution to the Global Civilization Initiative
(2023-03-22 14:03:34)

On March 15, the Global Civilization Initiative was put forward as another significant public good that China has provided for the international community, following the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative.

In today’s world where the future of all nations is closely linked, inclusive coexistence, exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations play an irreplaceable role in advancing the modernization of human society.


Renmin University of China actively participates in international communication, and continuously makes contributions to building a community with a shared future for mankind.


Launching various programs for mutual learning


For example, since February 2022, Renmin University of China has launched the compilation of the History of Chinese Civilization and the History of World Civilization, and the preparatory work for the Institute of Chinese Path to Modernization and New Forms of Civilization, so as to create a high-level platform for research and innovation on this topic.

In February 2023, the China-Greece Center for Mutual Learning of Civilizations was jointly established by Chinese universities such as Renmin University of China, Southwest University, Shandong University and Sichuan University in cooperation with the University of Athens, the University of Patras, Aristotle University and the University of Crete.


Building a system of conversations among civilizations


First of all, different international projects for school cooperation have been launched. For example, the Sino-French Institute, a cooperative school jointly established by Renmin University of China, Sorbonne University, Paul-Valéry University and KEDGE Business School, is the largest French education base in China and an important platform for cultural exchanges between China and France.

Second, Renmin University of China has contributed to collaborations with other domestic colleges and research institutions. In December 2020, it led the establishment of the Academic Association for International Cultural Exchange and co-hosted many academic sub-forums, including the 2021 China Xinjiang Development Forum.


Finally, academic journals with international influence have also been established, which cover a number of disciplines. In 2021, the English-language international journal called East Asian Journal of Philosophy was launched by Sdvig Press in Switzerland, playing an important role in promoting the integration of different ideas.


The inheritance and innovation of outstanding traditional cultures of various countries


Since 2007, Renmin University of China has held World Congress of Sinology for seven times. Since 2014, the University has been responsible for the secretariat work of the Council of the World Congress of Sinology and the Expert Committee of “New Sinology Program”.


Renmin University of China has also strengthened the building of Confucius Institutes, and organized brand conferences such as the China-EU Climate Cooperation Forum, which are in close connection with local needs.


In addition, China Renmin University Press has exported copyrights in more than 40 languages and cooperated with more than 100 publishing institutions in over 40 countries.


Expanding channels of exchange to strengthen international cooperation


Renmin University of China has actively participated in the establishment of international platforms for high-level academic exchanges, such as the Brussels Institute for China and European Studies, the China-Russia Alliance of Universities in Journalism Education, and the China-US University Presidents and Think Tanks Forum.

In terms of talent cultivation, Renmin University of China has launched the “Shangying Leadership Program” to cultivate students into envoys for the friendship between China and other countries.

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