Seminar Held as “Series of Study on Chinese Path to Modernization” Released
(2023-03-08 18:03:09)

The book launch of “Series of study on Chinese path to modernization” and the seminar entitled “Chinese path to modernization: the only path to building a strong country and rejuvenating the nation” were held on March 6th at Renmin University of China.

The Yan’an Spirit Research Association, the Institute of Military Political Awareness of the Academy of Military Sciences, the Chinese and Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education and the National Library were presented with the book series.


Zhang Donggang, Chairman of the University Council, said that Renmin University of China has established the “Institute of Chinese path to Modernization and New Forms of Civilization” and held a series of high-end forums on the topic to thoroughly study the concept.

The publication of this series of books is a profound, fundamental and innovative achievement. With “Chinese path to modernization” as the key phrase, based on the development trend at home and abroad and the current social and economic situation, these books present a multi-angle interpretation of where China’s modernization has come from, how to go, and where to go, actively presenting China’s voices, theories and ideas.


At the seminar, the main principals of various teaching units and the representatives of the authors spoke in turn.


Ma Weifang, former Deputy Director of the Institute of Military Political Awareness of the Academy of Military Sciences, took military modernization as a starting point and stressed the importance of the 20th National Committee in building a world-class military in all respects.

From the perspective of economic development, Liu Wei, former President of Renmin University of China, put forward that the fundamental reason why the modernization process is delayed or even interrupted is the slow transformation of the economic development mode. Therefore, he suggested promoting high-quality development in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Yan Jinming, President of the School of Public Administration, talked about the optimization of the territorial space pattern, and proposed five strategic directions that should be noted: first, the orientation of national will; second, the orientation of sustainable utilization; third, the overall planning of urban and rural areas; fourth, the modernization of the system and capacity for managing China’s territorial space; and finally following the law of value and the changing pattern of market supply and demand.

Zang Fengyu, President of the School of Philosophy, said that the Chinese path to modernization has surpassed the confrontational contradictions of Western modern society, and provides developing countries with practical experience, while having a clear socialist direction and principles. In addition, it is conducive to promoting dialogue and cooperation among different ethnic groups and advocating the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Since October 2022, Renmin University of China has published 16 volumes of the series of studies on the Chinese path to modernization.


Relevant departments, think tanks, teaching and research support units, student and media representatives also attended the seminar.

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