Adjustment of Regional Economic Structure and Optimization of Spatial Pattern of Land Development published
(2023-03-06 13:03:45)

Recently, Adjustment of Regional Economic Structure and Optimization of Spatial Pattern of Land Development edited by Professor Sun Jiuwen, from the School of Applied Economics, is officially published by the People’s Publishing House.

The book is the result of a major project of the National Social Science Found of China (NSSFC) entitled “Research on Adjusting Regional Economic Structure and Promoting Spatial Structure Optimization of National Land Development”, in which Professor Sun Jiuwen is the chief expert.

China’s economy has moved from the stage of high-speed growth to high-quality development. The economic structure is in urgent need of upgrading, and major problems still exist, such as huge gaps in regional development and uncoordinated spatial structure.

In this context, the book starts from the evolution of regional economic structure and land development pattern in our country, discusses the overall idea of adjustment and optimization, and analyzes the development of cities and urban agglomerations, industrial transfer and spatial structural adjustment, regional development gap and new development pattern, etc.

It also explains the development and evolution direction of China’s regional economic structure and territorial space structure from the perspective of China’s regional economic structure and spatial pattern.

The NSSFC, established in 1986 with the approval of The State Council, aims at promoting the development of social sciences and personnel training. It funds researchers in universities and research institutions with good research conditions and talents.

Sun Jiuwen, Professor and doctoral supervisor. He majors in regional economic theory, regional planning, poverty alleviation and development, and has completed a number of projects funded by NSSFC, publishing more than 20 books.

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