RUCers: New term has begun!
(2023-02-27 20:02:13)

New term has begun! On February 21, the first day of the new semester, did RUCers have a pleasant time on the first class? Were they excited to see their old friends when back to campus? How they spent their first day?

Rucers actively participated in class activities. There were 740 classes for undergraduates and 274 for graduates on February 21.

Canteen delicacies had already waited for RUCers, such as the best-selling iconic food.

In library, RUCers were immersed in the atmosphere of reading and studying for self-improvement!

In the lovely season of spring, many new international students were well ready for the amazing journey of learning in RUC. On February 20, international freshmen from Slovenia, South Korea, Switzerland, Canada, South Korea, Belgium, Italy and Thailand arrived at the Zhongguancun campus. There were 105 international freshmen registered online, while the newly arrived international friends registered offline at the international student office for one-stop service, including purchasing insurance and getting student card and filling in registration form. Some interesting induction programs for international students had been operated to help them adapt to the local social and school environment.

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