RUC Academic Group Attending the 11th Convention of the International Association for Literary Criticism
(2022-11-25 14:11:23)

On 5-6 November, 2022, the 11th Convention of the International Association for Literary Criticism was held to advance the development of ethical literary criticism and interdisciplinary studies and facilitate international academic exchanges in literary criticism. As the convenor of the parallel session themed at “postmodern ethics in postmodern literature”, Professor Chen Shidan, from School of Foreign Languages, led RUC academic group to attend the conference.

First, Professor Chen Shidan delivered a keynote speech titled “Essentials of Postmodern Ethical Literary Criticism Theories”, in which he elaborated the core concepts of postmodern ethics and major concerns about postmodern ethical literary criticism. Prof. Chen noted that ethics evolves with social development. Postmodern western ethics deconstructs and criticizes modernity and modern western ethics to build a postmodern moral value system where the absolute responsibility for others is stressed. The postmodern ethics has played and is playing an exceptionally important role in maintaining a harmonious international society. He also mentioned that postmodern ethical literary criticism explains postmodern literary texts from the perspective of postmodern western ethics, discusses the ethical thoughts behind the text and discloses changes in postmodern ethical relations and moral order as well as the subsequent problems, which will provide experience and lessons for the progress of postmodern civilization. Besides, postmodern ethical literary criticism also deals with decentralization, multi-perspective observation, multi-voice narration, structure variation and other skills used in postmodern literary works.

In the next part, RUC academic group members Li Jinyun, Huang He, Duan Shaoming, Jiang Feng, Shang Wanqi and Tang Linxiang shared their academic research and exchanged thoughts with others.

At last, Prof. Chen, host of the parallel session, and Prof. Wang Zuyou concluded the session after commenting on each speech. Participants expressed their gratitude for such a productive and fruitful conference, and extended their congratulations on the forum. Prof. Chen said that all participants have devoted themselves to literary research with academic enthusiasm, prudent attitude and robust desire for knowledge. It is hoped that all scholars could gain more insights during their continuous exploration.

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