2022 RUC International Summer School Successfully Held
(2022-08-16 10:08:24)

From July 11, to 29, 2022 RUC International Summer School (ISS) was successfully held by Renmin University of China. Held online this year, the 2022 summer school brought together 129 teachers from 29 countries and regions who offered 125 online courses to over 3500 students from RUC and beyond.

2022 RUC International Summer School was officially kicked off on July 7, 2022. Prof. Hu Baijing, Vice President of RUC, addressed the opening ceremony. Faculties and student representatives from around the world participated online.

Since the inception of RUC ISS in 2009, teachers from universities and colleges across the world have been invited to offer courses in English to students at RUC and the world at large. The program aims to provide students with the platform to directly experience international education environment and enjoy premium international teaching resources without traveling. By breaking the barriers of geographic distance and cultural differences, RUC ISS has managed to offer international courses to students at home and abroad, thus enables students from different countries and cultural backgrounds to take classes together and consequently enhances their skills in cross-cultural understanding and communication.

A platform for “local internationalization”

To cultivate talents with global vision, RUC ISS provided assorted courses that are completely taught in English for students, making it possible for them to have access to premium international courses and directly learn from outstanding university teachers across the world without leaving China. The program has increasingly emerged as a significant platform for international education among RUC undergraduates. This year, over 3000 RUC students signed up for the program.

A platform for global cooperation

This year, 60 students from 4 universities in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, China and 15 international partner universities registered for the program, including Kazakhstan, Korea, Japan, Ireland, Russia, Italy, the UK and Canada. Over the past five years, a total of 444 students from partner universities from home and abroad participated in the RUC ISS. The program has developed into a significant platform to promote interschool exchange and cooperation.

A platform for cultural exchange and mutual understanding

Chinese language courses are available at RUC ISS for students from Confucius Institutes. This year, 6 different Chinese courses are offered for 10 classes, 87 students globally. The program offers an opportunity for students to learn about Chinese language, Chinese culture, and the frontiers of Chinese studies. Over the past five years, the program has attracted some 525 students from Confucius Institutes.

A platform for the integration of international education.

As a brand program of international education at RUC, every year RUC ISS offers over 100 general courses that are taught in English, making it a significant platform of international education for all levels of our education system. This year, 96 high school students from the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China were recommended for the program after selection. It is obvious that the program has developed into a great platform for high school students to boost their cross-cultural learning ability and broaden their global horizon.

An international learning platform built on internationalized faculty

RUC ISS has hired many brilliant teachers from top universities and research institutions at home and abroad to offer courses in English. Altogether, the 2022 program recruited 129 teachers from 29 countries and regions.

Zhang Xin is a teacher from the School of Chinese Studies and Cultural Exchange, RUC. This year, 36 students from Ireland, France, Finland, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Italy, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom signed up for her Elementary Chinese Listening and Speaking. Zhang felt a strong sense of achievement to see her students making noticeable improvements in language learning and application after this intensive course. She suggested that, the students are from different cultural backgrounds, which helped to deepen her understanding of different cultures and improved her expertise, teaching and communication skills. Students has demonstrated a high degree of satisfaction with the program, which provided the opportunity for them to get a closer look and experience of modern China.

Hossein Azadi from Ghent University, Belgium taught a course titled Conflicts and Food Security this year. 32 students from RUC, European University Institute, among other universities, were enrolled in the course. Hossein Azadi commented that RUC ISS offers courses on a specific range of subjects, from which teachers and students can partake in the one/ones they are interested in. “Teaching at RUC ISS not only enables me to have a memorable time with international students but also makes it possible for me to communicate with experts and scholars from across the globe”, said Hossein. The teacher also praised his students for their active participation in classroom discussions, citing that these students were not only good partners to work with but also good listeners. “They were always ready to share ideas and thoughts with others and responded to challenges before them with a positive attitude”, added him, “By creating a multi-cultural learning environment, ISS played a crucial role in boosting students’ cultural awareness and cross-cultural understanding.”

An academic exchange platform with various events

During the summer term, schools of RUC also launched a variety of international training programs, academic forums and seminars to boost academic exchange and cooperation with overseas universities.

On July 11, the School of Environment & Natural Resources, RUC unveiled the first “International Training Program for Outstanding Innovative Talents in Environment Science”, a move to foster high-caliber talents in economics and science by introducing abundant educational resources from top universities around the world. This year, Dr. Peter Christensen, an assistant professor from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, was invited to give a month-long training to all students on Applied Microeconomics and Environmental Big Data and Machine Learning. Dr. Peter has managed to teach his students the key theories and cutting-edge methods of empirical research in environmental economics in a way that helped them easily grasp the profound knowledge. Moreover, a cooperative teaching model of “Chinese and foreign teachers” was employed, in which foreign teachers were responsible for teaching basic theory and methodology, and RUC teachers helped students with hands-on practices.

From July 23 to 24, two undergraduate international academic forums were held by the School of Finance, RUC, to which seven summer school teachers from University of Cambridge, Durham University, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, University of Groningen and etc. were invited. They reviewed and discussed the academic reports of seven students during the two events. The two forums aimed to bring the initiative of overseas co-department chairs and overseas faculty teams into full play, striving to blaze a trail for the development of undergraduates’ academic performance and making the undergraduate education of School of Finance, RUC more international.

On July 27, School of Finance, RUC also held the 2022 U.S.-China Student Leadership Finance Dialogue Forum whose theme was “U.S.-China Cooperation in Green Finance”. With a commitment to the philosophy of “seeking common ground while reserving differences and pursuing win-win cooperation”, young students from the two countries fully explored the prospect of cooperation between China and the United States in green finance in an open and inclusive manner, making contributions to the establishment of a community with a shared future for mankind by presenting suggestions and recommendations. The forum served as an open, active, free and inclusive platform on which the collision of different thoughts has led to improved understanding of green finance and Sino-US financial cooperation.

On July 17, the School of International Studies, RUC held a seminar on “Sanctions and Counter-Sanctions from the Perspective of Target Countries” where many young and middle-aged experts and scholars from Renmin University of China, the China Institute of International Studies, China Institute of Modern International Relations, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Xiamen University, Princeton University, Fudan University, Northwestern University, among other universities and scientific institutions conducted an in-depth academic discussion and exchange. The online seminar was attended by over 240 scholars from across the globe.

During the first Asian “Smart Accounting” Teaching Seminar jointly launched by the School of Business, RUC and the School of Accountancy, Singapore Management University on July 27, experts and scholars from Renmin University of China, Singapore Management University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Chengchi University discussed how to solve the common problems encountered in the reform of smart accounting curriculum and talent cultivation to identify the system for discipline construction and talent cultivation in the future, creating roadmaps and guidelines for the development of smart accounting as a discipline and for the establishment of smart accounting as majors.

A summer school with a strong supporting team

To support the 2022 RUC ISS, 121 teaching assistants were involved in classes, responsible for organizing online classrooms, teaching affairs, and responding to all the problems emerged amid the functioning of the summer school without delay, building a bridge not only between teachers and students but also between the university on the one hand and teachers and students on the other.

At the same time, a supervision team was formed by selected teachers and administrative staff to monitor the quality of the summer school, making the 2022 RUC ISS the first time for us to extend the system of supervision in class to the summer school. 94 teachers from 25 schools of RUC were assigned to partake in the program as part of our efforts to monitor and evaluate the classes, including the educational quality of classes, the acceptance of students and the performance of the online teaching. All these efforts have laid a solid foundation for the proper function of the program.

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