MMT Theory and the Macroeconomic Trend: The Dialogue between Economist of CMF and the Founder of MMT Randall Wray
(2022-07-08 15:07:29)

On June 14th , 2022, the CMF International Symposium on Macroeconomics (Issue 2), which is co-hosted by the National Academy of Development and Strategy of Renmin University of China(NADS, RUC), the School of Economics of Renmin University of China, and China Cheng Xin International Credit Rating Co. Ltd.( CCXI), was held online.

This Symposium is moderated by Liu Fengliang, a professor of the School of Economics,RUC, and a principle member of Chinese Macroeconomic Forum (CMF). The main theme of this symposium focuses on “MMT theory and the Macroeconomic Policy Trend”, where well-known economists both at home and abroad, such as: Yang Ruilong, MAO Zhenhua, Liu Shangxi, Shao Yu, Jia Genliang, Randall Wray, Yan Liang and Yeva Nersisyan, put with excellent Analytical reviews.   Liu Xinhua, professor of Finance Department of International Business School of Shaanxi Normal University, provided special support to this international conference.

The symposium is divided into two sessions. On Session I, both Jia Genliang, professor of School of Economics, RUC, and Randall Wray,one of the founders of MMT theory and key representatives of the theory of Post-Keynesianism in America, delivered keynote speeches. Jia Genliang also released the international special report on CMF China macro-economy on behalf of CMF.

On Session II, MAO Zhenhua, Yan Liang, Liu Shangxi, Yeva Nersisyan, Shao Yu, Yang Ruilong and other experts discussed over the two topics: “the implications of MMT theory on the global economic policy choices under the current macroeconomic environment” and “the impact of MMT theory on mainstream economics and the development of future macroeconomics”.

Finally, Randall Wray gave a concluded summary to the symposium.

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