RUC Holds 2022 Commencement Ceremony
(2022-06-28 13:06:08)

Renmin University of China held the commencement ceremony on June 24 both online and offline to celebrate the precious moment — a moment marked the ending of RUCers’ college study and the starting of a new chapter in their life journey.

Paean for youth sang with spirits as the  students enjoy the highlights in their lives.


Wan Jieqiong from School of Public Administration, representative of undergraduate graduates, delivered a speech. She shared her understanding of “choices” based on her experience of  field studies and social practices. “We must combine theory with the reality, and see, experience and feel what China is like by our eyes, feet and heart.”

Chen Jihuai from School of Labor & Human Resources delivered a speech on behalf of the graduate students. After graduation, he will return to his hometown — Guizhou province to work for the people there. He shared his experience of joining the army in the northeast and becoming a volunteer to teach in the southwest of China. “I’ve got a fruitful youth, going to the ordinary places in China with extraordinary goals of becoming ‘a pillar of rejuvenation and a pioneer in building China into a strong country’,” said Chen.

Prof. Liu Shouying at the School of Economics spoke on behalf of the teachers. He hoped that the graduates will take the responsibility to tackle the great challenges facing the era. Taking former RUC President Wu Yuzhang as a rolemodel, he wished the graduates to develop constructive thinking and problem-solving abilities, and to find their own orientation by reviewing the history and looking into the future.

Prof. Liu Wei, President of RUC, extended congratulations to all the graduates. “You are heading for a bright future,” he said to the graduates:

“Be grateful for the era we live in, contribute your strength to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and to achieve your own value in life.

Be grateful for the land under our feet: whether you work in difficult condition or work at the grassroots level, you shall be practical, and get to know the real conditions people live in. Let the flowers of youth bloom where the motherland needs it most!

Be grateful for the youth. As a new generation, you shall bear dreams in your hearts and absorb wisdom and strength from the great “Chinese spirit”.

Dr. Zhang Donggang, Chairperson of the University Council, made the final speech. He hoped that all young people will commit themselves to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and live up to the prime of their lives, to their mission of the times and to the expectations of the people. He encouraged the graduates to learn from the predecessors, to shoulder the responsibilities of building China into a great country, to run with all their might on the track of youth, and to win the best results they are supposed to get.


Teacher representatives from 28 colleges made “Turning of the Tassel” one-on-one for all the graduates. Singing the “Song of Renmin University of China” in unison, the ceremony came to an end.

Congratulations, Graduates of 2022 !

You’ve accomplished great things, and RUC is confident that you will accomplish even more ! Good luck to each and every one of you !

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