2022 CRFCPD Cup National “Micro-teaching Plus” Innovation Competition for College Russian Teachers Concludes
(2022-06-14 14:06:31)

The 2022 CRFCPD Cup National “Micro-teaching Plus” Innovation Competition for College Russian Teachers was successfully held online on June 5th. It marks both the 25th anniversary of the China-Russia Friendship Committee for Peace and Development (CRFCPD) and the 85th anniversary of the founding of Renmin University of China (RUC). The competition, hosted by the CRFCPD and jointly organized by the CRFCPD Council on Education and RUC International Office of the School of Foreign Languages, aims to deepen the reform of college Russian teaching, promote the integration of digital technology and Russian teaching and improve the quality of undergraduate Russian teaching. An audience of over 1,200 from all around China watched the competition live online .

The 2022 CRFCPD Cup Competition Committee received 60 entry receipts from universities across the country since its announcement in January 2022. 10 entries from 8 universities entered the final after rounds of selection by experts and student judges.

The final consisted of two parts, micro-teaching presentation and Q&A. First, the contestants or teams explained the teaching philosophy, design ideas and practical teaching integration methods of their micro-lectures. Then, they took questions from the expert judges about the contents of their courses. All the contestants demonstrated their amazing capability of innovative teaching, showcasing the excellence of the Russian teachers in Chinese universities.

In the afternoon, Chen Fang, Dean of the RUC School of Foreign Languages, hosted the awards ceremony. Russia’s ambassador to China Andrey Denisov sent a letter of congratulations to congratulate the winners and thank the organizers of the contest. He wrote that holding teaching contests was a fine tradition of the CRFCPD and that this contest had written a wonderful chapter of China-Russian cooperation in the field of education. He wished all the teachers new achievements in Russian teaching in the future.

A letter of congratulations from Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov


Zhang Wei, head of the CRFCPD China Secretariat and counselor of the Department of European-Central Asian Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Sergey Shakhray, Vice President of Shenzhen MSU-BIT University and Chairman of the CRFCPD Council on Education Russia, and Du Peng, Vice President of RUC, each delivered their speeches.

In his speech, Zhang congratulated the organizers, all the members of the CRFCPD Council on Education, winners and winning teams on the success of this contest. He also congratulated RUC on the university’s 85th anniversary. He said that this contest, in line with the theme of the commemorations of the signing of the Sino-Russia Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation 20 years ago and the establishment of the CRFCPD 25 years ago, showed that China and Russia greatly valued and supported the learning and using of each other’s languages. In the new era, the CRFCPD will continue to shoulder its historical responsibility of promoting the longstanding China-Russian friendship and take the people-to-people exchanges and cooperation to a new high.

Shakhray said in his speech that Shenzhen MSU-BIT University had always practiced the initiative of CRFCPD and the Council on Education and held the first Russia National Chinese Teachers Competition last year. He welcomed everyone to attend the Russia National Chinese Teachers Competition and the China National Russian Teachers Competition at Shenzhen MSU-BIT University next year so as to jointly advance the learning and teaching of Chinese and Russian, promote the friendship between the two countries and hold dialogue of civilizations .

In his speech, Du reviewed the history of CRFCPD and the Council on Education. By holding the “Micro-teaching Plus” innovation competition, which marked the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Committee, the Council seeks to further strengthen the interaction between China and Russia in education and contribute to the high-level operation of Sino-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination. He pointed out that, based on the advantage of its disciplines, RUC had always prioritized its exchanges with Russia in international communication and had been constantly promoting the cooperation with Russia and played a leading role in intercollegiate exchanges, international conferences, scientific research and teaching cooperation, and establishing cooperative partnerships with many top Russian universities. The RUC Russian Department has cultivated a large number of talents for Sino-Russian educational cooperation and has become a bridge and messenger for Sino-Russian exchanges and cooperation.

Then, Shi Yan’an, Secretary General of CRFCPD Council on Education China and director of the RUC International Exchange Department, announced the list of winners and the prize for the best organization. Zhao Mengxue (Beijing Foreign Studies University) and Xu Rui (Harbin Institute of Technology) won the first prize; Hu Quan (Renmin University of China), Chu Jingru (Beijing International Studies University) and Baiyun (Beijing International Studies University) won the second prize; Ma Chao (Heilongjiang University), Bai Jie (Lanzhou University), Wang Jianing (Hebei Normal University), Yin Xu (Peking University) and Heilongjiang University team (Zhao Jie, Sun Qiuhua, Ma Chao and Li Xulu) won the third prize. The Excellent Organization Award goes to Peking University, Beijing International Studies University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Hebei Normal University, Heilongjiang University, Lanzhou University and Renmin University of China.

At the end, Prof. Xu Rui from Harbin Institute of Technology and Prof. Huang Mei from Beijing Foreign Studies University spoke on behalf of the winners and the best organization respectively.

June 5th is the day before the UN Russian Language Day. Holding the teaching innovation competition on this special occasion shows the two countries’ common vision of closer cultural and educational ties between China and Russia. The 2022 CRFCPD Cup National “Micro-teaching Plus” Innovation Competition for College Russian Teachers is a national education competition platform that aims to deepen the reform of Russian teaching, promote the deep integration of digital technology and Russian teaching, and comprehensively improve the quality of undergraduate Russian teaching.

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