RUC School of Philosophy Publishes Two New Books
(2022-01-14 15:01:22)

China Renmin University Press recently published two philosophical books – Mansions of Philosophy: Philosophical Metatheory and Mind Shift and Starry Sky of Philosophy: Frontiers and Methods. The books reflect the lectures series held School of Philosophy of the Renmin University of China in 2020 and 2021, designed to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the School. Professor Zang Fengyu, Dean of the School of Philosophy, serves as the chief editor of the books. The School faculty members jointly contribute to producing the lectures and books.

Chief Editor: Zang Fengyu, Dean of School of Philosophy

Joint Editors: Faculty of School of Philosophy

Publication: China Renmin University Press

As the cradle of Chinese philosophers, the School of Philosophy has been one of China’s top two best philosophy schools since it was founded. In Mansions of Philosophy: Philosophical Metatheory and Mind Shift, fifteen famous senior Chinese philosophers (almost all of them alumni of RUC) shared with the students their expertise, and the lecture themes covered the historical variations of philosophical interpretations, the relation between ethics and metaphysics, Kant’s teleological thinking and metaphysics, reflections on Confucian doctrine, the fundamental problems of Chinese philosophy, etc. These philosophers are renowned philosophers, and their lectures attracted many students interested in philosophy.

In Starry Sky of Philosophy: Frontiers and Methods, fourteen faculty members offered lectures on frontline issues in the studies on philosophy today. This was initially designed as a lecture series for RUC doctoral students, aiming to illustrate the research methods while introducing the heated philosophical issues. Later the School converted the lecture series into an open course for anyone who loves philosophy, which earned many praises from colleagues and students around China. The book touches on exciting topics and practical research methods in Chinese and Western philosophies: Why is reading Das Kapital difficult? What is B. F. Skinner’s utopian vision in the face of technology control? What is the relation between philosophy and scientific experiments? How to become critical in reading and writing philosophical works? What is the dual meaning of life when humans tend to duplicate life? How to understand John Rawls’ “equality of fair opportunity”? How to define “social justice” in the age of “Identity Politics”? What is the practical logic of Engels’ concept of justice in his later years? How to define “nature 自然” based on reading Daoist classical texts? How did Buddhism become a Chinese religion? What are the four ethical principles in the Chinese Civil Code? How to define Chinese metaphysics?

The School of Philosophy will continue the lecture theories and invite more Chinese philosophers to offer interesting talks on philosophy, providing an academic feast for the students in RUC and other parts of China.

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