The 7th World Conference on Sinology was Held Online
(2021-11-19 17:11:13)

From November 6th to November 7th, the 7th World Conference on Sinology, co-organized by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation (CLEC) and Renmin University of China (RUC), was held online, with two branch venues at Beijing Campus and Suzhou Campus of RUC.

Prof. Du Peng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World Conference on Sinology and Vice President of RUC, presided over the opening ceremony, which was attended by nearly 200 scholars and representatives from 34 countries.

Professor Liu Wei, President of RUC, said in his speech that as the setup of the world continues to change and new opportunities and challenges take place, how the humanities and social sciences can meet the challenges of the times, demonstrate their contribution, and enhance pluralistic communication and rational dialogue has become a common concern for Chinese and foreign scholars of Sinology and China Studies. Liu Wei expressed that the theme of the conference, “Understanding China: The New Relevance of Sinologies”, means that Sinology not only focuses on classical wisdom and literature, but also develops into an all-round study of China, which is not only an important way for China to open up to the world, but also an important path for China to understand the world.

In his speech, Prof. Ma Jianfei, Director-General of CLEC, said that the World Conference on Sinology is a platform for the exchange and integration of multiple civilizations, which is in accordance with CLEC’s aim of promoting mutual learning and appreciation of the world’s diverse civilizations through language and culture, as well as the “China Studies Program (CSP)” which has been deepening and expanding since its establishment in 2013.

In the five forums over the two days, nearly 100 delegates engaged in lively discussions on the themes of Translation and Dialogue in Sinology, Tradition and Modern Transformation of Sinology, Sinology and Interdisciplinary Studies, Overseas Sinology and Local Scholarship Development of Sinology and Chinese language education. Scholars agreed that the conference integrated across languages, cultures, eras and disciplines, focusing on the global vision and cutting-edge perspectives of scholars from various countries, especially the young generation.

For more than a decade, the World Conference on Sinology has been trying to assist people all over the world to understand Sinology, proposing and constantly constructing the concept of “New Sinology” and giving new relevance to Sinology. The Sinology that emerged from the World Conference on Sinology, contains a renewed understanding of studies of Chinese ancient civilization and Chinese culture, and a hope for mutual learning and appreciation of diverse civilizations.

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