Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence: 7 Papers Accepted by WSDM 2021
(2021-11-11 17:11:54)

On October 12th, WSDM 2021 papers were announced, and seven papers from RUC Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence were accepted. The 15th International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining will be held on February 21-25th next year in Phoenix, USA. A total of 786 long papers were submitted to the conference, and only 159 papers were accepted, with an acceptance rate of about 20.23%.

Since January 2021, Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence has published 67 CCF Class A international journal and conference papers and 34 CCF Class B papers.

WSDM 2021Improving Session Search by Modeling Multi-Granularity Historical Query Change

Authors: ZUO Xiaochen, DOU Zhicheng, WEN Jirong

Correspondent Author: DOU Zhicheng

WSDM 2021A Neighborhood-Attention Fine-grained Entity Typing for Knowledge Graph Completion

Authors: ZHUO Jianhuan, ZHU Qiannan, YUE Yinliang, ZHAO Yuhong, HAN Weisi

Correspondent Author: ZHU Qiannan, YUE Yinliang

WSDM 2021 Improving Personalized Search with Dual-Feedback Network

Authors: DENG Chenlong, ZHOU Yujia, DOU Zhicheng

Correspondent Author: DOU Zhicheng

WSDM 2021 Leveraging Multi-view Inter-passage Interactions for Neural Document Ranking

Authors: FU Chengzhen, HU Enrui, FENG Letian, DOU Zhicheng, JIA Yantao, CHEN Lei, YU Pan, CAO Chao

WSDM 2021HeteroQA: Learning towards Question-and-Answering through Multiple Information Sources via Heterogeneous Graph Modeling

Authors: GAO Shen, ZHANG Yuchi, WANG Yongliang, DONG Yang, CHEN Xiuying, ZHAO Dongyan, YAN Rui

Correspondent Author: YAN Rui, ZHAO Dongyan

WSDM 2021A Cooperative Neural Information Retrieval Pipeline with Knowledge Enhanced Automatic Query Reformulation

Authors: LI Xiangsheng, MAO Jiaxin, MA Weizhi, LIU Yiqun, WU Zhijing, ZHANG Min, MA Shaoping, WANG Zhaowei, HE xiuqiang


WSDM 2021Learning Discrete Representations via Constrained Clustering for Effective and Efficient Dense Retrieval

Authors: ZHAN Jingtao, MAO Jiaxin, LIU Yiqun, GUO jiafeng, ZHANG Min, MA Shaoping


RepCONC pipeline

Constrained Clustering

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