Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence: 10 Papers Accepted by SIGIR 2021
(2021-04-27 08:04:11)

On April 15th, SIGIR 2021 paper list were announced. 10 papers from Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence were accepted, including 9 long papers, 7 main author papers, 1 resource paper and several short papers.

SIGIR is the premier international forum for the presentation of new research results and for the demonstration of new systems and techniques in information retrieval. The conference consists of five days of full papers, short papers, resource papers, demonstrations, tutorials, workshops, doctoral consortium papers, and perspectives papers focused on research and development in the area of information retrieval, as well as an industry track and social events. It is the most authoritative international conference on intelligent information retrieval in the field of artificial intelligence.

The 44th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval will take place on July 11-15, 2021. This year’s conference received 720 long papers and only 151 were accepted, with an acceptance rate of about 21%.

SIGIR 2021: Counterfactual Reward Modification for Streaming Recommendation with Delayed Feedback

Authors: ZHANG Xiao, JIA Haonan, SU Hanjing, WANG Wenhan, XU Jun, WEN Jirong

Corresponding Author: XU Jun

SIGIR 2021: Counterfactual Data-Augmented Sequential Recommendation

Authors: WANG Zhenlei, ZHANG Jingsen, XU Hongteng, CHEN Xu, ZHANG Yongfeng, ZHAO Xin, WEN Jirong

Corresponding Author: CHEN Xu

SIGIR 2021: Knowledge-based Review Generation by Coherence Enhanced Text Planning

Authors: LI Junyi, ZHAO Xin, WEI Zhicheng, YUAN Jing, WEN Jirong

Corresponding Author: ZHAO Xin

SIGIR 2021: One Chatbot Per Person: Creating Personalized Chatbots based on Implicit User Profiles

Authors: MA Zhengyi, DOU Zhicheng, ZHU Yutao, ZHONG Hanxun, WEN Jirong

Corresponding Author: DOU Zhicheng

SIGIR 2021: Modeling Intent Graph for Search Result Diversification

Authors: SU Zhan, DOU Zhicheng, ZHU Yutao, QIN Xubo, WEN Jirong

Corresponding Author: DOU Zhicheng

SIGIR 2021: Group based Personalized Search by Integrating Search Behaviour and Friend Network

Authors: ZHOU Yujia, DOU Zhicheng, WEI Bingzheng, XIE Ruobing, WEN Jirong

Corresponding Author: DOU Zhicheng

SIGIR 2021: Pchatbot: A Large-Scale Dataset for Personalized ChatbotResource Paper

Authors: QIAN Hongjin, LI Xiaohe, ZHONG Hanxun, GUO Yu, MA Yueyuan, ZHU Yutao, LIU Zhanliang, DOU Zhicheng, WEN Jirong

Corresponding Author: DOU Zhicheng

SIGIR 2021: Answer Complex Questions: Path Ranker Is All You Need

Authors: ZHANG Xinyu, ZHAN Ke, HU Enrui, FU Chengzhen, LUO Lan, JIANG Hao, JIA Yantao, YU Pan, CAO Chao, DOU Zhicheng, CHEN Lei

SIGIR 2021: Optimizing Dense Retrieval Model Training with Hard Negatives

Authors: ZHAN Jingtao, MAO Jiaxin, LIU Yiqun, GUO Jiafeng, ZHANG Min, MA Shaoping

SIGIR 2021: Investigating User Behavior in Legal Case Retrieval

Authors: SHAO Yunqiu, WU Yueyue, LIU Yiqun, MAO Jiaxin, ZHANG Min, MA Shaoping

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