The 14th Renmin University of China Literature Festival Opening Ceremony Was Held
(2021-04-22 16:04:44)

On April 7th, the opening ceremony and theme lectures of the 14th Renmin University of China Literature Festival were held in the North Century Hall and broadcast live online. With the theme “Literature and the Future,” this year’s festival focuses on the future of literature by exploring the relationship among literature, technology, artificial intelligence and other disciplines.

By exploring the spirit of literature, social reality and interdisciplinary studies, the festival displays the charm of literature from multiple angles and carries forward the spirit of humanity. This year’s literature festival focuses on the development of “new liberal arts,” guiding students to use literature as a lens to observe the human society, our contemporary time as well as the common future of humans.

Three famous science fiction writers provided keynote speeches in the opening ceremony: ZHOU Wen, YANG Ping and HAN Song respectively shared in-depth exchanges with the audience on the relationship between science fiction and language, the “invasion” of science and technology on literature, and the generation of future literature. ZHOU Wen took three literary works as examples to illustrate three roles of language in science fictions. YANG Ping discussed the influence of science and technology on literature, society and human beings. HANG Song introduced the development process of science fiction in China based on his personal reading experience.

The First RUC Literature Festival dates back to 2006, since when its influence has been continuously expanding. It has become an important platform to encourage exploration and innovation in literature. Various forms of activities had been held in former festivals including academic lectures, dialogues with writers, poetry readings, book salons, cultural travels, film reviews and original dramas.

This year’s Literature Festival is hosted by the School of Liberal Arts and co-organized by RUC Library, Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence and online fiction content platform Future Affairs Administration. Relative activities will last until mid-May.

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