“The Belt and Road of Knowledge” Forum
(2021-04-19 10:04:52)

“The Belt and Road of Knowledge” Forum was initially proposed by the University of Padua and Renmin University of China during the visit of the delegation of Renmin University of China (RUC) led by its Vice President, Prof. DU Peng in 2019. The initiative focuses on the exchange and collaboration, from an academic point of view, between China and the countries along the road reaching the Italian peninsula. The Initiative will create a “Belt and Road” platform for academic exchange to allow experts, scholars and young students to conduct research, promote the sharing of quality educational resources, and support the development of policies and best practices.

As a comprehensive university focusing on humanities and social sciences, Renmin University of China is honored as “the banner of higher education in humanities and social sciences in China” and occupies a pivotal position in China’s higher education sector. With its 800 years of history, the University of Padua has a unique academic tradition and world-class level in the fields of humanities and natural sciences.

Located at two endpoints of the ancient Silk Road, Renmin University of China and the University of Padua will co-organize the first Forum centered on the theme of cultural heritage, in April 22-23, 2021. The Forum will take place in Dunhuang, one of the symbolic landmarks of the Silk Road, and virtually via Zoom. Guests and speakers will join from China, Italy and also from other internationally renowned universities.

The Forum will offer a place for in-depth discussions and provoke insights on the research and the protection of cultural heritage by attending the four sessions, including “Cultural Heritage: Research, Preservation and Valorization”, “Protection of Cultural Heritage from the Perspective of Law and Policies”, “The Meaning of Cultural Heritage” and “Cultural Heritage Restoration Technology “.

The online meeting is open to  PhD students, researchers, professors, academic staff and the wide public. For more details and registration, please visit https://msite.31huiyi.com/m/2037189014.

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