Renmin University of China School of Information: One Paper Accepted by JMIS
(2021-04-19 09:04:05)

The latest research of Dr. ZHANG Wenping, “Beyond the Block: A Novel Blockchain-Based Technical Model for Long-Term Care Insurance,” has recently been accepted by JMIS 2021. The paper was jointly completed by Dr. ZHANG Wenping from the Department of Economic Information Management, RUC School of Information, Prof. WEI Chih-Ping from National Taiwan University, Prof. JIANG Qiqi from Copenhagen Business School, Dr. PENG Chih-Hung from National Chengchi University and Prof. J. Leon ZHAO from the Chinese University of Hongkong at Shenzhen.

JMIS is a quarterly journal, publishing only less than 50 papers a year. Together with MIS Quarterly and Information Systems Research (ISR), it is one of the top three journals in the field of information systems and Financial Times’ top 50 journals.

It was the first time that research on blockchain technology had been published in a top journal in the field of information system, and Dr. Zhang Wenping was invited to be an expert reviewer on blockchain technology.


JMIS 2021: Beyond the Block: A Novel Blockchain-Based Technical Model for Long-Term Care Insurance

Authors: Wenping Zhang,Chih-Ping Wei,Qiqi Jiang,Chih-Hung Peng,J. Leon Zhao

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