Renmin University of China Vice President DU Peng Spoke at the Online Seminar on Rebuilding US-China Education and Exchange
(2021-04-06 14:04:47)

On March 25th, the Online Seminar on Rebuilding US-China Education and Exchange was held by China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE). Renmin University of China Vice President DU Peng attended the seminar and delivered a speech on “US-China Education Exchange in the Post-Epidemic Era.”

The workshop aims to promote education communication between China and the US back on track. Discussion topics included “current situation of US-China education exchange,” “constrains of students exchanges between US and China,” “US-China university dialogues: US-China tension on education exchange,” and “US-China education exchange in the post-epidemic era.”

Prof. DU said in his speech that the vigorous development of educational exchanges is not only of great significance for research and education, but also plays an important role in eliminating misunderstandings and rebuilding mutual trust between cultures. He suggested that universities in China and the US promote cultural exchanges to consolidate public support for China-US friendship. Prof. DU believed that Universities are supposed to be open and inclusive, and that through faculty-student exchanges, research collaborations, and cultural learning, universities will provide platforms for dialogue in various business and industries between the two countries.
In practice, universities in China and the US could engage in online exchange activities and contribute intelligence to global governance and education cooperation under the contemporary global situation. universities in China and the US should also collaborate for the solution of global public issues, and carry out continuous dialogue through online academic discussion, project funding support, and academic resource sharing.

During the seminar, Prof. DU had a full exchange of views with representatives from US academic institutes, together with domestic representatives from Peking University, Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Zhejiang University, Jilin University, CEAIE and other Chinese institutes.

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