Unlock the Warm Days in Winter RUC
(2021-01-12 16:01:10)

As the season Lesser Cold (小寒, the 23rd solar term) has arrived, it is freezing outside. On this day of Beijing challenge of lowest temperature, let winter freeze the miseries of summer and the troubles of autumn, leaving infinite possibilities for the coming spring. A warm winter at RUC is actually not that complicated: you will find it simply in the aroma of sugar-roasted chestnuts and the sweetness of the sugar coated haws.

No.1 Feast of the Taste: Hotpot

No.2 Sweetness and Aroma: Sugar Toasted Chestnuts

No.3 Beijing Winter Snack: Sugar Coated Haws

No.4 Jiangnan Flavor: Red Bean Paste

No.5 Lanterns on the Tress: Kakis

No.6 The Wuthering Sky: The Winter Gale

No.7 Warmth in the Winter: Self-Study Times

No.8 Winter Beauty: Campus Secret Corner

A thousand sentences about winter have I read, yet nothing compares this moment in campus. Suddenly I want to ask you some questions: when will the leaf at the branch tip fall down? Would you bring me a bowl of warm red bean paste? Will you tell another winter story?

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