The 2020 Innovative Youth Talent Cultivation Forum was Held by Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence and Hillhouse Academy RUC
(2020-11-17 14:11:59)

On the morning of November 9th, Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence and Hillhouse Academy RUC held the 2020 Innovative Youth Talent Cultivation Forum and the First New Semester Opening Ceremony.

Before the meeting, Prof. JIN Nuo, Chairwoman of the University Council RUC, expressed her gratitude to the Hillhouse Group and RUC alumni Mr. ZHANG Lei for their long-term attention and support for Renmin University. She introduced recent development of RUC, especially in the field if artificial intelligence.

‘Education is an investment that never needs to be withdrawn,’ Mr. ZHANG Lei said in his speech in the opening ceremony. Artificial intelligence has become the language of the future, and Hillhouse Academy will focus on training future leaders in technology and humanity who speak to the future.

Prof. WU Fulai, Vice Chairman of the University Council RUC, provided a speech in the ceremony. He pointed out that as a crucial part of Gaoling, Hillhouse Academy has carried out the first “internet technology and finance” double degree program in China. He hoped that in the future Gaoling will build an “AI+X” discipline system with unique RUC characters, establishing a Chinese mode of artificial intelligence education which is both intelligent and warm.

Dr. ZHANG HongJiang, President of Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI), said in his speech that Renmin University has grasped the core of AI development: humane AI and humans who know AI.

Prof. PAN Yunhe, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, sent his message via online video. He encouraged students to build solid professional foundations and pay attention to interdisciplinary application, so as to become a new force for theoretical breakthroughs and industrial reforms in the field of artificial intelligence.

Prof. WEN Jirong, Executive Director of Gaoling School, welcomed the arrival of the first freshmen class. He looked forward students yearning for better life and bigger dreams of changing the world in the era of intelligence.

Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence innovates the faculty system, implementing tenure track for teachers who will all join the postgraduate mentor group to help students’ academic growth. On the same day, an appointment ceremony was held for the “Talent Training Mentor Group.”

MEI Lang and LI Xingye, student represents from Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence, shared their personal growth with Hillhouse Academy. They called on classmates to define the internal warmth of artificial intelligence with action, and to interpret the word “people” (Renmin, 人民) as a member of the RUC community.

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