Germany’s Leipzig Confucius Institute Holds An Online “Chinese Cuisine Class”
(2020-07-25 09:07:24)

Recently, Leipzig’s Confucius Institute has held many online courses and activities such as language partner activities, experiencing Chinese classes, Chinese competitions for different levels of Chinese learners and many other new online cultural learning activities. In addition to this, Leipzig’s Confucius Institute has started to use Instagram and YouTube to update and show the institutes educational events and new updates.

Also recently, Leipzig’s Confucius Institute’s professor Mou Donghong has started an online “Chinese Cuisine Class”. The online cooking class videos are about two minutes long each, and also has Chinese and German subtitles. The dishes are very easy to learn and there are a lot of Chinese aspects to the videos. The Leipzig’s Confucius Institute Website and YouTube channel have been very popular since they have started. Yet, with the influence of the virus, Leipzig’s Confucius Institute is unable to make the videos public, most of the management and language and cultural events have been put online.


Leipzig’s Confucius Institute has helped many language lovers with learning Chinese in many ways, and has advanced the cultural exchanges between China and Germany.

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