School of Applied Economics Student Publishes Paper in A SSCI Journal
(2020-07-22 14:07:51)

Recently, Sun Jiayu, a 2016 Resource Economics under-graduate student and his partner’s paper “Cooler rooms on a hotter planet? Household coping strategies, climate change, and air conditioning usage in rural China” was published in the “Energy Research & Social Science” Journal and Professor Zhang Xiaobing helped guide the students in the writing of the paper.

The biggest contribution of the paper was using Renmin University of China’s Department of Resource Economic’s “Family research survey” for data, which made up for the prior research on family status. The measurements used OLS and Ordered Probit Models, researched CDD and the summer average humidity resource use in air conditioning, and the daily average use time and annual use times influence. The article can be seen using this link:

The school has set up a system for all undergraduate students to have academic meetings with their mentor, every fall school year students will have voluntary meetings with their mentor, and every semester students will need to meet at least three times with their mentor to be guided in their academic journey, with their majors and internships and also with their dissertations, research and many other fields. Sun Jiayu took every opportunity to research and practice what he had learned while he was doing his undergrad, and took part in the research of climate change, AC usage situations, oil product consumption tax transmission rates, the macro economic stimulus after COVID-19 and many other research topics. He has already been excepted to America’s Michigan State University for a PhD program in the field of resource economics and will be starting next fall.

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