School of Labor and Human Resources Professor Sun Jianmin is Awarded the American Annual Management Award
(2020-07-06 10:07:44)

Recently, School of Labor and Human Resources Sun Jianmin was awarded The Dave Ulrich Impact Award at the American Annual Management Award.

The award committee’s comments on Sun Jianmin were “Dr. Sun is one of the greatest masters and PhD course creators for human resource management in all of China,” “Dr. Sun used his training to influence over 100,000 professionals. He is China’s organization and international companies best professional, trainer and public speaker.”

Sun Jianmin focuses on using scientific research results to guide real life situations. In the past few years within China and other countries he has published over 10 articles in Chinese and English in well-known journals. He has also translated many books on management studies and human resources management which have had a big influence on China. He also has made many great research results in the fields of human resource management systems and workers attitudes and behavior relationships, leadership development and evaluations, workers positivity and psychological contracts. This has not only made great developments in this field, but at certain levels has advanced the enterprise management in China.

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