Renmin University of China and University of Geneva had A Video Work Conference
(2020-05-25 15:05:29)

On the afternoon of May 19, Renmin University of China and University of Geneva had a video work conference. The vice president of RUC, Du Peng, and the vice president of University of Geneva, Stéphane Berthet, both attended and spoke at the conference.

Du Peng expressed, being that RUC is their Chinese cooperation partner, has always paid great attention to the students and teachers they are sending over, and academic exchange cooperation. Also he hopes to continue to strengthen the relationship between the two universities, and on the basis of the Joint Research Seed Fund Program, Joint Training and other programs, there will be more room for cooperation and more help and innovation for the Confucius Institute at University of Geneva in the next 10 years.

Stéphane Berthet thanked RUC for the great support and resources RUC has given, Stéphane also pointed out, the coronavirus has created some problems for society and universities, yet has helped people realize that international cooperation is the key to fixing world problems. The University of Geneva’s Confucius Institute has made a big impact in the cooperation between the universities, and has created a friendly environment for the academic exchange between the two countries. University of Geneva will pay a lot of attention towards the next 10 years of work for the Confucius Institute, they hope that with the help of the Confucius Institute they will develop more cross-subject corporation exchanges.

During the conference, both universities signed a new contract of cooperation for the Confucius Institute, cooperation in different subjects, and other communications after the virus has passed.

University of Geneva’s Confucius Institute is Switzerland’s first Confucius Institute, and since its establishment, there have been many contributions in the teaching of Chinese language, positive developments and many modern Chinese academic research events throughout Switzerland, and also in 2014 was given the title of being a “Global Advanced Confucius Institute”.

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