School of Global Governance’s “Global Governing and International Organizations Talents Training Plan” Online Courses Have Officially Begun
(2020-04-03 11:04:19)

In December 2019, Renmin University of China’s School of Global Governance began a “Global Governing and International Organizations Talents Training Plan”. RUC chose students with international organization work intentions and international work potential to take part. The plan will strengthen the students global governing and international organization knowledge and skills in order to help students with international work basics.

The first “Global Governing and International Organizations Talents Training Plan” chose 240 students from 18 different departments. With the intricate preparation and with the coronavirus, The School of Global Governance’s “Global Governing and International Organizations Talents Training Plan” started online this week. The courses that will be taught this semester will be “International Organization Theory and Practical Affairs”, “International Official Document Writing”, “International Document Writing- Writing in IO” and “International Organization and International Trade Negotiation” 4 classes.

The vice-president of RUC and dean of the School of Global Governance, Du Peng, spoke for the opening of School of Global Governance online classes. Du Peng first congratulated the start of School of Global Governance’s online classes, he then showed his respect for all of the teachers and students who kept working hard during the virus outbreak. He then said School of Global Governance is a innovative high-quality and international school to train new talents. In the end, he wished everyone good luck and told everyone to stay safe during the coronavirus.

The School of International Organization will use its basic courses, practical courses, organizational development practice events, and cumulative announcement international organization information, in order to get students familiar with international organization basic theory and operation methods, raise the skill level of international organization official document writing and international negotiation along with other practical skills, and also train students to have the basic cultivation they need for international organization work.

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