Qiushi Lecture Hall in Shenzhen on “Goals and Challenges in 2020”
(2020-01-06 15:01:46)

On December 29th, the Renmin University of China’s Qiu Shi Lecture Hall in Shenzhen began. RUC’s School of Economics professor, Huang Weiping, gave a speech on “Goals and Challenges in 2020”, over 200 people attended the speech.

Huang Weiping’s speech was based around 4 subject matters: the reasons for China’s economic speed increase slowdown, the reasons and results of the Chinese American trade conflicts, the true motives for China’s continual development, and world changes that have not been seen for hundreds of years.

(During the question and answer, people from the crowd asked Huang Weiping many questions about economics and had further discussions on these topics)

In order to continue putting on academic events in Shenzhen, to develop more teaching space, broaden the teaching fields, and to set a base for higher teaching levels, from September 2018, RUC’s Shenzhen Research Institute and Shenzhen RUC Education Foundation began the RUC Qiu Shi Lecture Hall Event Series in Shenzhen, sponsored by the RUC Shenzhen Alumni Association.

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