Du Peng Met with the Cultural Counselor of the Iranian Embassy in China, Abbasali Vafaei
(2020-01-02 15:01:00)

On December 31st, Renmin University of China, Vice-President Du Peng, met the Cultural Counselor of the Iranian Embassy in China, Abbasali Vafaei.

Du Peng first welcomed Abbasali Vafaei and introduced RUC’s basic situation. In the past few years the university and Iran have had think tank communication, academic publishing, and joint conferences. RUC has signed cooperation agreements and has sent delegations to the University of Tehran and AllamehTabataba’i University in Iran. At the same time, RUC’s Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies and Iran think tanks have put on conferences together, RUC’s Publishing Company has also worked together with Iran’s publishing companies and other top universities.

In the future, both universities hope that with the help of the Iran ambassador, there will be more cooperation with Iran universities. We hope this will give new fields of communication with Iran, and we welcome Iran’s universities delegations and ambassadors to visit RUC at anytime.

Abbasali Vafaei was very thankful to Du Peng and RUC for being such a wonderful host. He expressed that the economic, social, humanities relationship between Iran and China is very close now. Chinese language and culture studies have been developing very fast in Iran, and the University of TehranAllamehTabataba’i University and Shahid Beheshti University have all added Chinese departments at their universities, and future higher education communication between China and Iran is broadening.

At Allameh Tabataba’i University, where he was once a teacher is similar to RUC, with their economic studies, statistics studies, social studies and other fields all being the top in their fields. In the future, he hopes Iran universities can have more relationships with RUC, and with joint conferences, academic exchanges and professor lectures they will have more cooperation.As the cultural ambassador and the education department representative of Iran, he will try his best to develop more communications between universities of the two countries.

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