Renmin University of China puts on a Constitution Day Event to teach People about Law
(2019-12-10 10:12:55)

December 4th was the 6th Constitution Day of China, and in order to spread more knowledge on laws and constitution, and to make people more conscious of the laws and constitution, Renmin University of China put on a Constitution Day event at the front door of the student activity center.

There were informational boards on law in front of the table, which showed the information in the pamphlet on the table, and students were there all day to answer questions. The event had two parts, and online portion and an off-line portion. The online portion was an online questionnaire, it had 15 questions, all of which had to do with knowledge of law. The offline portion was the information boards where people could take pictures and can share them in their Wechat.

During the event the students learned many things, not only did they better understand the concept of law, strengthened their consciousness of following laws, but also increased their ability to use the law to protect themselves and their rights. Students said, “this event made us feel the laws are not too far from us, they are just right next to us, and laws and regulations are not just facts written in books, they are tools for protecting our rights.”

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