Student Art Ensemble Peking Opera Association put on a Special Performance
(2019-12-09 11:12:41)

On the night of November 29th, Renmin University of China Student Art Ensemble Peking Opera Association put on a special performance.

During this special performance, the performers gave the audience a great classical performance, and gave a perfect combination of a relaxed, lively, serious and nervous atmosphere which truly showed the outstanding charm of the classical Chinese art.

The performance included to traditional scenes from You Long Xi Feng and Da Deng Dian operas, and two sections from classical operas, Peony Pavilion and Farwell My Concubine.

The closing performance of Da Deng Dian had many performers which made the stage very hectic, so it took many stage hands to pull off the performance smoothly.

The Student Art Ensemble Peking Opera Association performers singing is soothing and moving, and the performance was serious and dynamic. With their great performance skills the performers gave the stage very lively and dynamic characters one after another.

The performance was the Student Art Ensemble’s first performance of the 2019 fall semester. The RUC Peking Opera Association started in 2002, and members of the association are mostly students who love to perform Peking Opera. From The start of the association,the Peking Opera Association has focused on researching and continuing this traditional Chinese art. They meet every week to practice and study the art, and they have made great contributions to the spreading of Peking Opera knowledge, excitement of campus life and the teaching of Chinese traditional arts. As for the students in the association, they feel this performance is not only a fix for their addiction, but also helps the to deeply understand this Chinese traditional art and pass it down through teachers and students.

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