2019 Renmin University of China and Singapore Management University Global Forum
(2019-12-03 14:12:59)

On November 26th, the 2019 Renmin University of China and Singapore Management University Global Forum was held at RUC Schools of Chinese Classics. It was put on by RUC and Singapore Management University, and sponsored by the Beijing Senior Association.

On the morning of November 26th the forum’s opening ceremony began, RUC President, Liu Wei, and Vice-president, Du Peng, met with the delegation from Singapore Management University. They discussed the history, cooperation background, the aging population and enhancing of future research centers between the two schools. After the forum, both schools signed and agreement on the Global Finance Dual-Master Degree cooperation program.

The theme of the forum was “Retirement and Active Ageing”. Broadly looking at the rapid ageing problem in Asia. In 2000, the big responsibility of the ageing society of China and Singapore’s population has shortly but quickly become a difficult challenge. The society development situation of the two countries is different, so both countries can help each other and look after each other. Also, Confucianism has a big influence on both countries which strengthened the communication and experience between China and Singapore’s leaders. This will also help with more future developments, and the great Asian wisdom will contribute to the aging population problem.

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