The 4th Annual Russian-Chinese Committee of Friendship, Peace and Development Committee Education Council Meeting at Renmin University of China
(2019-11-29 10:11:50)

On November 24th, the China Russia Friendship, Peace and Development Committee China Education Council Meeting was held. The meeting summarized accomplishments of the council in 2019, and discussed expectations for the future.

RUC Vice-President, Du Peng, gave opening remarks at the opening ceremony. He expressed, in past three years since the council was founded, councils from many universities have had many new breakthroughs in Russian communication work,and the anticipations for 2020 work by the Education Council. He also invited the council members to use RUC’s China-Europe Education Alliance for Humanities and Arts and the Silk Road School platform to better develop the relationship between with universities in Russia.

The dean of Institute of China and Asia Pacific Affairs, St. Petersburg National Economic University, Tatiana Urzhumtseva, in her speech spoke about the history of the friendly exchanges between the two universities, and suggested the future council to integrate the strengths of The China Russia Economic University Alliance, China Russia Journalism education University Education Alliance, and hopes the councils will give new movement to Russian exchanges.

Embassy of the Russian, The First Secretary, Representative of the Ministry of Education and Science, Igor Pozdnyakov, introduced China and Russia education exchange situation, and using the education council platform to strengthen the Chinese Russian development and then gave suggestions like the development of teaching the Russian language.

During the education council meeting, representatives from RUC,Tsinghua University, Peking University, Heilongjiang University and other universities discussed their communication and experience with Russia. The representatives discussed the forming of the China Russia alliance, online platforms, China Russian learning cooperation, and different fields international exchange.

After the meeting, Du Peng summarized the meeting and gave closing remarks. He first thanked all the representatives for meeting together and giving such great ideas. He then gave suggestions to the council for their future development to enhance the website and events of the education council. Also, he suggested in the future to organize China Russia Education Council delegations to visit each other, and lastly to organize young student summer exchange programs.

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