An Archeological Search for Truth, An Ideological Time for Youth – The School of History Puts on Archaeology Internship Results Exhibit
(2019-11-25 09:11:47)

On November 6th, Renmin University of China’s Museum put up an “An Archeological Search for Truth, An Ideological Time for Youth” – The School of History Archaeology Internship Results Exhibit, the exhibit items were from 2012-2018.

After the opening ceremony, RUC vice-president, Zhu Xinkai, announced the exhibit official open. Zhu Xinkai then viewed the exhibit with the honored guests, and everyone was very pleased with he exhibits content and display.

The exhibit was put on by RUC’s office of academic affairs, RUC’s Museum and the School of History. The exhibit shows the School of History’s field archeological internship Work done in Liaoning Province. The exhibit chose over 200 photographs and 300 pieces which showed the School of History’s seven year field archaeology internship teaching and working results. There are five exhibition halls in the exhibit which fully show the school of history’s findings, research and life in Liaoning province, Linghai City, Gezuo District. Also, The exhibit set up an archaeology dig experience area, where guests can use shovels to feel what it’s like to dig up artifacts, and feel the artifacts with their own hands. The exhibit also put out a pamphlet showing pictures from the years of the archaeological internship for guests to read.

The exhibit location is in the Museum’s third floor temporary exhibition hall. The exhibit time is November 6, 2019 to January 19, 2020, and every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 12:00 in the afternoon to 4:00 the exhibition is open to the public.

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