Germany’s Leipzig Confucius Institute Holds A “Language Partner Cafe” Event
(2019-11-22 10:11:19)

Every semester the Leipzig Confucius Institute puts on three “Language Partner Cafe” events, the goal is to give local students a place to practice their Chinese and understand Chinese culture. On the night of November 6th, the first language partner event of the semester took place at Leipzig Confucius Institute’s largest classroom.

Being the first language partner event of the semester, everyone was very excited. At the beginning of the event, Confucius Institute workers planned interactive games. Everyone said hello to each other and met each other and they took part in great conversation based on topics like hobbies, movies, music, traveling. The whole classroom was filled with joy and laughter.

After everyone had met each other, Confucius Institute workers started to play a “Telephone” game. Chinese and German students followed the teachers guidance and formed four groups, each group had seven people, and they formed rows, they had to say a sentence to the person next to them, and they would see who send the sentence across the fastest and clearest. Everyone had fun and was very relaxed, and with this game they became much closer and understood each other better. Afterwards was free time, where everyone could talk freely according to their own hobbies and likes.

Many of the participants were very thankful to have the chance to take part in this “Language Partner Cafe”. Everyone felt this event helped very much with their language study and with cross-culture communication. Everyone had the chance to happily and calmly talk about culture understand each other, learn from each other and improve together.

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