School of Information Resource Management Professor Goes to Malaysia for The AP-iSchools Forum and Gives iConference2021 Preparation Report
(2019-11-13 09:11:47)

On November 4th, School of Information Resource Management professor Wang Jian, and assistant professor Qian Minghui, went to   Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and took part in the International Forum 2019: Crossroads of Sciences on Knowledge, Information and Data in conjunction with 21st International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries (ICADL), 9th Asia-Pacific Conference on Library & Information Education and Practice (A-LIEP), Doctoral Consortium and iSchools Meeting and introduced the schools iConference2021 preparation situation to the iSchools Alliance.

As the iSchool representative contact at Renmin University of China, Wang Jian, introduced RUC’s School of Information Resource Management situation to iSchools Alliance leaders and representatives, and also reflected on joining iSchools Alliance and taking part in many events. Shortly after, Wang Jian introduced the iConference2021 preparations, the conferences topic choices, with the preparatory committee iConference experience, and after much discussion and surveying, they decided the conference will be held at the Beijing International Conference Center on March 28th thru 31st 2021.

iSchools currently has 105 members, and iConference International Top Information Schools Alliance Annual Forum is a big international academic forum, it focuses on cross-discipline communication to continuously develop and enrich information science. In the past three years, every annual meeting had almost 600 people sign up, and experts on information management from top international universities took part.

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