Scholar Pan Yunhe as a guest at “Scientific Lecture Hall” and “Gao Wu Jian Ling” Classes
(2019-11-08 09:11:34)

On the morning of November 3rd, Chinese Academy of Engineering Scholar, Pan Yunpeng, as a guest at “Scientific Lecture Hall” and “Gao Wu Jian Ling” classes at Renmin University of China with the first topic of “AI 2.0 and Numbers Economy”.

Before the class Pan Yunhe gave a short talk to the students on artificial intelligence. Under Pan Yunhe’s guidance, the School of Artificial Intelligence proposed their “Gao Wu Jian Ling” artificial intelligence class program for Beijing top schools teachers and students and people in society. The program will gather top experts top military, top students from China and around the world in the field of artificial intelligence and teach them about these topics.

Pan Yunhe introduced the past of AI, the thought of AI 2.0, how AI will work towards AI 2.0, and the new generations AI technologies. In the new generation AI will face three challenges: How to create smart products, how to create new smart systems, and how to manage the new smart products in society.

After the lecture Pan Yunhe interacted with the teachers and students and answered questions from the students on predictions on AI future developments, how to prepare for a future jobs and AI talent training directions. All seats were filled in the lecture hall, the atmosphere was lively and the students and teachers truly hoped to receive the newest technology ideas to broaden new visions.

After the class, Zhu Xinkai, represented RUC Science and Technology Association and presented a “Scientific Lecture Hall” certificate to Pan Yunhe. “Scientific Lecture Hall” is a lecture set up by RUC’s Science and Technology Association, it is geared towards teachers and students from RUC and anyone from around the world is welcome to listen. The goal is to spread scientific knowledge and spirit, and create a positive outlook for the development of schools science and education. Professor Rao Zihe, Qiu Chengtong, Shi Yigong, and scholars Ouyang Ziyuan, Pan Jianwei Gao Wen all gave speeches at there.

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