Slovenian Ambassador to China Alenka Suhadolnik Led a Delegation from University of Ljubljana to Visit Renmin University of China
(2019-11-06 09:11:05)

On October 29th, Renmin University of China vice-president, Du Peng, met with the Slovenia Embassy in China ambassador, Alenka Suhadolnik, and Slovenia University of Ljubljana’s professor delegation. Both sides discussed how to strengthen the cooperation between the two universities.

Du Peng first welcomed ambassador Alenka Suhadolnik, and this was her first time visiting RUC since she became an ambassador. Du Peng then introduced RUC’s double first-rate schools, Silk Road School, School of Literature, School of Art and School of Business new developments and situation. Alenka Suhadolnik expressed there is a lot of room for cooperation for RUC’s Silk Road Studies and the University of Ljubljana, and she looks forward to the future cooperation between the two universities.

After the meeting, the delegation from University of Ljubljana and the schools from RUC had another communication meeting event.

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