The First United Nations Job Fair Event takes Place at Renmin University of China
(2019-11-05 14:11:14)

On October 26th, the first UN Job Fair event took place at Renmin University of China. This event was set up in order to development more international organization talents, create platforms at Chinese top universities, and to create opportunities for the youth and international organizations of China. This first UN Job Fair event had human resource officials from 26 international organizations, and RUC had over 400 teachers and students who took part in the event.

The president of School of Global Governance at RUC, Shi Yanan,  introduced the School of Global Governance to all the teachers and students. He also welcomed all of partner schools from Shanghai, Xian, Wuhan, Chengdu, etc. Shortly after, he introduced the agency talent requirements and application process in order, and gave great suggestions to all of the students.

Carol Ann Nettleingham from UN

Jean-Luc Dominique Marcelin from UN

Sylvie Jeanne Layous-Saltiel from International Labour Organization

During the question and answer, the guests from the UN and different organizations patiently answered all of the students specific questions on applying for international organization jobs. They also shared their international organization work experience and international organizations and other agency job career differences. Guests are very encouraged the students to increase international organizations talent‘s professional knowledge and skills, step into a bigger broader global stage, and contribute to the wisdom and abilities of the world.

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