Korea University President Jin Taek Chung Leads Delgeation to Visit Renmin University of China
(2019-11-01 08:11:55)

On October 28th Korea University President Jin Taek Chung led a delegation to visit Renmin University of China, RUC’s president Liu Wei and vice-president Du Peng met with the delegation.

Liu Wei introduced RUC academic disciplines and reflected on the history between the two universities. From 1997, the two universities signed a cooperation agreement which has been ongoing for 22 years. The visitations and exchanges between the two universities has become deeper and stronger over the years, and Liu Wei hopes there will be more great accomplishments in different disciplines and fields as a result of the cooperation between the two universities.

Jin Taek Chung expressed the two universities have a great cooperation base, and the Korea University Hall built by both universities is a good place to help teachers and students from both universities, and is a great platform for communication between Korean and Chinese students. He mentioned during his time as president, he looks forward to more concrete cooperation in difference fields between the two universities.

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