School of Information takes the Gold at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest
(2019-10-30 10:10:34)

From October 19th to the 20th, the 44th ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) took place at the Ning Xia Institute of Science and Technology and School of Information won first place.

1600 teachers and students formed 400 teams from 231 different universities including Peking University, Zhejiang University and Wuhan University. Renmin University of China sent two teams from the School of Information to take part in the competition. After 5 painstaking hours of competition the two teams won the gold and bronze medal and were off to a great start with the ICPC 2019 annual competition.

The School of Information has always stressed student’s basic computer skills and knowledge, and encourage students to take part in high level competitions nationally and domestically.

The 44th ICPC Asia competition Yin Chuan gold medal winners (from left: Wang Wenfeng, Liu Jiawei, Wang Yuansen)

The 44th ICOC Asia competition Yin Chuan bronze medal winners (from left: Gao Yiming, Shu Wentong, Wang Ziheng)

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Introduction:

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest or ACM-ICPC was hosted by ACM, this annual competition is put on to show students innovation skills, team spirit, programming under pressure, and students ability analyze and solve problems. After 40 years of development ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest has already developed into an influential global college student programming competition. It has also become an assessment standard system for the education department. Top schools nationwide all help with the competition platforms to train top international computer science talents.


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