Education, Women and Sustainable Development Experts Committee Establishment Ceremony and “Higher Education and Women’s Development” Conference is Hosted
(2019-10-29 09:10:22)

On October 17th, Education, Women and Sustainable Development Experts Committee Establishment Ceremony and “Higher Education and Women’s Development” Conference took place at Beijing National Conference Center.

The establishment ceremony was hosted by vice-president of Renmin University of China and Education, Women and Sustainable Development Experts Committee member, Du Peng, first welcomed all the guests taking part in the ceremony, then he mentioned Education, Women and Sustainable Development working together is a important symbol for the development of human society towards science and entirety. In these times filled with opportunities and challenges, the advancements in women education quality and levels are very important.

The vice-president of the China Education Association for International Exchange, Zhao Lingshan introduced how the expert committee formed.

The president of the China Education Association for International Exchange, Liu Limin, presented the letters of employment to the committee. 

Jin Nuo spoke at the establishment ceremony. She expressed that the expert committee is based on steadily becoming systematic, professionalized, standardized and internationalized and focuses around the subject of education, women and sustainable development. This will increase female education quality and levels, and use the China Education Association’s International Exchange platform to its fully extent to develop more international exchange and cooperation.

Shortly after the “High Education and Women’s Development” conference began.

Chief Executive of Universities Australia, Catriona Jackson, gave a speech on “Future Plan: Improving The Representation of Australian Women in The Management of The University of Australia. She believes increasing women’s representation in senior leadership is a national and international priority. She introduced Australia’s hard work and accomplishments in raising women’s positions and treatment, and also summarized the future plans for more developments.

The president of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), Mildred García, gave a speech on “American Higher Education and Women’s Leadership”. She discussed the career leadership process for females after studying at higher education schools from a statistics point of view, and she analyzed the opportunities and challenges for female leaders at U.S. higher education schools.

Vice-Principal and Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Planning and Campus operations at the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University, Linda du Plessis, gave a speech on “How to empower? Conflict and Harmony of Female Workers in the Higher Education System”. She motioned gender equality is not separated by gender, equal conveniences to resources and opportunities, and settling conflicts and problems females have at the work place which are all important questions for the higher education system to think about.

Professor and vice dean of the School of Education, Peking University, Liu Yunshan, gave a speech on “Male and Female: Women’s Academic Performance in Elite Universities”. She feels with societal developments, women entering elite schools is not a new topic. Performing behind on the academic surface, women in elite universities academic performance and education are also worth discussing.

Vice-director and associate professor of the Department of Management Teaching and Research of the National academy of Education Administration, Li Yongxian, spoke on “Higher Education and Women’s Development”. Through long-term contact with university leaders and young and middle-aged cadres, and making a lot of interviews and case studies, she has found the leadership model mainly includes four dimensions of content: ability, experience, personality traits and knowledge. Females being part of management truly benefits in raising the leadership power of an organization.

RUC Vice-Dean and Professor at the School of Labor and Personnel, Zhou Wen Xia, spoke on “Female College Students’ Entrepreneurial Intention and Behavior Choice”. She focused on RUC student’s entrepreneurial studies, all around analysis female college student’s entrepreneur willingness traits and actual actions taken. She also talked deeply on the influence for unwillingness and behavior, and she gave suggestions for policies regarding the problems of female college student’s entrepreneurship.

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