Assiatant Professor Qian Minghui Goes To Xin Jiang Province To Give a Free Lecture and Donate To Students
(2019-10-17 10:10:23)

On September 30th, the PhD mentor of School of Information Resource Management, Qian Minghui, went to Xin Jiang province Ku Che district Third Middle School and took part in a charity event. He gave a speech to over 1000 teachers and students on outstanding understanding and thinking, and also donated to the school.

Qian Minghui, in order to better help the students took the responsibility of being the student’s mentor. He will be their life, school mentor and has goal to help the students be more individualistic and to help them with more specific learning.

This event not only helped the students to have more confidence and more courage, but also will help students to learn new knowledge and understand country and societal developments faster and easier.

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