Korea Ambassador To China Visits Renmin University of China and Gives A Speech
(2019-10-09 09:10:22)

On September 27th, Korean ambassador to China, Jang Ha-Sung, visited Renmin University of China and spoke with RUC president, Liu Wei.

Liu Wei welcomed the ambassador, and gave his thanks for the contributions and developments he made while he was a guest professor at the School of Business at RUC. RUC and many Korean top academic schools have always had close relationships. They both hope the future relationships between China and Korean’s top schools will become stronger and broader.

Jang Ha-Sung thanked RUC for the hospitality and expressed the importance of the educational exchange relationship between Korea and China. As a professor at the School of Business at Korea University and a guest professor at RUC’s School of Business, Jang Ha-Sung always focused on the relationship between the two schools. Now as an ambassador, Jang Ha-Sung hopes to strengthen the relationships and create more exchanges between top schools in Korea and China.

After the meeting, Jang Ha-Sung gave a speech on the “Korean and China cooperation to create more peaceful and greater relations” to hundreds of RUC teachers. He expressed Korea and China are close neighbors and close friends, and in the future the two countries will need to cooperate more in order to make better developments in the fields of artificial intelligence, environment, biological medicines, health, food safety and much more.

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