The 2019 Renmin University of China’s Students Entrepreneur Training Camp Begins
(2019-09-26 09:09:47)

On September 18th, The 8th Entrepreneur Training Camp (ETP) began at Renmin University of China. After a long decision process, 20 outstanding teams were chosen to take part in the 8 month Entrepreneur Training Camp.

The training camp gives undergraduate students diverse classes on entrepreneurship. The program will teach the young students entrepreneur ideology, and help students to find their entrepreneur potential.  With RUC’s many teaching resources, and innovative spirit, the 2019 camp will focus on different fields of study and diverse innovative thinking. The camp will use classes, mentoring, mock business challenges and many other real life business techniques teach students about entrepreneurship.

The students chosen to take part in the camp come from many different fields of study in order to give the camp a diverse thinking atmosphere. During the new training camp, students were split up into groups with teachers who shared their rich business knowledge and resources with the students.

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